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15 Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts every beginner should know and use

By using these MS Word shortcuts, you can turn document handling into a cakewalk.

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We use the keyboard shortcuts several times while working on a computer or a document. Some people use them more frequently than others. Keyboard shortcuts make a task happen faster for which we might need to go to the menu and click a few options. Thus, Keyboard shortcuts are factors of speed and convenience. The following are the 15 Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts that every beginner should know and use.

1) Ctrl+N Opens new, blank document window. This is the simplest and used most.

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2) Shift+Arrows = Highlighting text.

By using this shortcut, you can select the text by pressing down the Shift key followed by using the arrows to go up, down, left, or right. Once you highlight the text, you can do the following tasks.

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3) Ctrl+B = Bold

Ctrl+I = Italicize

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This shortcut allows you to turn your normal text into bold or italics format.

4) Ctrl+Shift+> Increases the selected text size by one font size.

Ctrl+Shift+< Decreases the selected text size by one font size.

Format Text

5) Shift+F3: By using this shortcut, you can change the text from uppercase to lowercase or to the capitalised case where capital letters are at the beginning of every word.

6) Ctrl+X = Cut

Ctrl+C = Copy

Ctrl+V = Paste.

By using the above shortcut, you can easily copy or extract a part of the text to place it somewhere else.

7) Ctrl+Z = Undo. While working on a document, if you delete some part of the text accidentally, you can undo the changes with this shortcut.

8) Ctrl+home = To go to the beginning of the page or document. Ctrl+end = End of page or document.

9) Ctrl+F = It will allow you to access the ‘Find’ tool where you can look for a word or phrase without needing to read the entire text.

Find Shortcut

10) Ctrl+S = Save. To save your document. As you progress to make changes after you choose ‘Save As’, you can press the Ctrl+S to save whatever modifications you’ve made.

Save Shorcut

11) Ctrl+P = To print the document. A window will be open where you can select the printer properties.

Print Shortcut

12) Ctrl+Enter = Page break. This shortcut allows you to enter a page break wherever you wish in the document.

Page Break

13) Ctrl+L Aligns the line or selected text to the left of the screen.

Ctrl+E Aligns the line or selected text to the center of the screen.

Ctrl+J Aligns the selected text or line to justify the screen.

14) Ctrl+Alt+1 Changes text to heading 1.

Ctrl+Alt+2 Changes text to heading 2.

Ctrl+Alt+3 Changes text to heading 3.


15) Ctrl+W = Close the currently open document. If your document is not saved, you will be prompted with a dialog box to save it.


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  1. If you want case conversions (Shift f3) to work anywhere, Not just word you need an app.
    The one I’m using is AnyCase app, same shortcut just works in all the other Windows programs.


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