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10 kids-friendly cartoon series you can let your child watch on YouTube

Does your child love YouTube? Here are some cartoon series for your child.

The Internet is a wide world of entertainment. You can just sit for a while and enjoy tons of programs. But what about your children? Yes, there are many online streaming services that have kids sections. These services have some great kids shows to watch, too. Providing so many shows, these services charge you a monthly subscription. Do you want something more affordable, let’s say free? Head to YouTube and enjoy free content without any need to sign up. Today, we have filtered some great kids shows for you and your kids to enjoy on YouTube.

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Peppa pig’s story revolves around a big family which gets into an individual problem and teaches their children morals in the end while solving it. The best part about the show is that the channel plays Peppa pig 24/7 live so your child can watch the show anytime they want. The official channel is divided properly with easy to navigate content.

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  • Sesame Street

Sesame Street

An old school TV show that has existed since the 1960s. Many movies and individual character episodes came out as well. The show has great visuals on muppets, which have been improving over the years. A good show to teach your kids some good ethics. Sesame Street has thousands of episodes free to watch on YouTube giving your children hours of entertainment and learning at the same time.

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  • Arthur


A YouTube kids shows inspired by the original comic book series of the same. The animation is old school but still looks great and your kids will enjoy it. The goal of Arthur is to keep the foster interested in reading, writing and solving problems. This show will help to enhance some social skills and model age-appropriate problem-solving skills. Good for viewers ages four to eight.

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  • Masha and the Bear

Masha and the Bear

The plot of the story is of a retired circus bear who settles down in the woods to enjoy the rest of his life. Everything goes smoothly until he finds little adventurous girl Masha. Little Masha is curious about everything and creates a mess that the bear now takes care of in a fun and interesting way. Ideal for kids who want a little laugh and want to watch a light-hearted series.

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  • Powerpuff Girls

Powerpuff Girls

Professor Utonium was fed up with the criminals and decided to help people create perfect little girls. He goes to the lab to compose sugar, spice and everything nice but by mistake, a lot of Chemical X falls into the jar and we get three little girls named Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. Now, these little girls fight crime with their extraordinary powers. If your kids love superheroes they will love Powerpuff girls as well.

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  • Teletubbies


The show is good for really small children. In the show, there are 4 Teletubbies playing and cooing in the Teletubbyland, which looks all green and futuristic. They do fun and infant pleasing activities like rolling on the ground, laughing and running about. In a few of the episodes, they teach you about basic things like a tiger or a bear with fun verses so you kids remember it. A YouTube kids shows which all generations will love

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  • Thomas and friends all engines go

Thomas and friends all engines go

Initially, the show was known as Thomas the Tank Engine but later there was a change in the name of the show along with the animation. Now the animations look more futuristic and child friendly. Thomas is a steam engine that tries to solve every problem of him and his friends. The cartoon is good for teaching what to do and what not to do in your life. The YouTube channel still has the old episodes with old animation. Shuffle through the series and see which of your kids love them the most.

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  • Garfield


The show has been a hit since its comic book inception and now the franchise has its own movie, new animated TV series and merchandise. The hugely popular series revolves around a lazy and fat cat who loves lasagne and hates Mondays. He lives with his owner, Jon Arbuckle, and a drooling dog named Odie. His infinite craving gets him and Jon into all spurts of trouble.

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  • Postman Pat

Postman Pat

Postman Pat is a classic animated series that revolves around a friendly postman named Pat who has a black and white cat. He delivers mail and parcels to the people across the village but every time he goes out he gets distracted by the issues, which the villagers of Greendale are facing. He solves the issues in a very interesting way that will keep your kids glued to the screen. It can be one of the best YouTube kids shows

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  • Bob the builder

Bob the builder

Another classic in the list. Bob, a builder with his machine team, is ready to tackle any project. They demonstrate the power of positivity and can-do nature. They will teach your children how it’s easy to solve big problems with teamwork. Earlier Bob used to live in a small town and help people around. But with the updated series and graphics, now Bob is helping and working on a full-fledged city with big buildings and skyscrapers.

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