10 PUBG Mobile settings you can adjust to get the chicken dinner easily

Changing these settings in PUBG Mobile will get you closer to your chicken dinner.


PUBG Mobile is a game that involves a strategy to survive till the end. While there are a number of tricks and tips that are available on the internet, just adjusting a few settings may help you get closer to your chicken dinner. Here, we have listed down 10 PUBG Mobile settings that you can adjust to get your chicken dinner with ease. Take a look:

2Set the frame rate at maximum

game settings

The higher the frame rate, the better the game would perform and the easier it would be to spot and shoot your enemies. It is worth noticing that some Android smartphone models may not show some frame rate options in PUBG Mobile. In such a case, just go with the highest one. However, you must always adjust the game quality to ‘smooth’ or ‘balanced’ with this.


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