10 PUBG Mobile settings you need to change to beat other players


If you have just started playing PUBG Mobile, you should know that just knowing about how to collect weapons and attack is not enough. There are some secret moves that you should know if you want to have an edge over others in the game. Here, we are going to tell you about ten settings of PUBG Mobile that you can alter in order to improve your chances of getting the Chicken Dinner. Check out the list of PUBG Mobile settings that you need to change here:

3Decide how much ammo you wish to pick up

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Although most people believe that the more ammo they have, the better it is for them, we should mention that there is a limit to how much inventory can be carried when you are playing PUBG Mobile. So basically, there is a limit on the number of rounds you can carry it. But on the upside, you can adjust this too. There are different limits for different guns and we recommend selecting as many rounds as you can. Go to Settings > Pick Up and then set the limits for each weapon.