10 PUBG Mobile tricks you need to know to always get the Chicken Dinner

Some must-knows for all PUBG Mobile players.


Everyone has been trying to win the Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile. The game is getting increasingly popular and that’s why the number of people playing it are going up. This makes it far more difficult to get the Chicken Dinner, as one has to be the last standing man to win it. Here, we are listing down 10 PUBG Mobile tricks that will help you win the chicken dinner. Take a look:

2Land on roofs

PUBG Mobile 4

If you land on the roof of a house, you will be able to get better loot. You will be able to get better guns with less effort and it will also prove to be faster. When combined with fast landing, this can give a huge advantage to the users. It will help them find the right weapons too, and all of us know how much that matters in PUBG Mobile.


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