Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi these technology spheres in India got a boost


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made a number of changes in India. One sphere that has seen a lot of advancements under his term is technology. He has made the push that India needed to get services online, make people pay digitally and more. Here, we have listed down all the changes that the technology-related changes that have happened since Prime Minister Narendra Modi started leading the country:

2Smartphones are being manufactured locally

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As a part of the investments that technology companies are making in India, a lot of companies have opened up their manufacturing plants in the country. This is in-line with the PM Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ initiative. A lot of Chinese companies as well as big technology giants like Samsung and Apple have opened their manufacturing plants in India. So, not only are smartphones made in India now, but bu these plants have also created a lot of jobs.


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