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15 great free and paid ways to teach yourself to code online

Want to learn how to code? Here are 15 great free and paid ways you can choose from.

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Coding has become an important skill nowadays. With the increase of technology every country now requires more and more people with coding skills. An online course offers a great way to start your coding journey or just brush up on your skills if you already know them. The question is how to teach yourself to code?

There is so much content on the internet to get you through this. But with all coding material so abundant there are a lot of poor training materials as well, which will give you a hard time understanding even the basics. Below you will find some good, free and paid courses you can choose from to get your coding level a notch or two better. 

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The company is founded by Stanford professors and the website works with many educational institutions across the globe. Not only does Coursera provide all kinds of degrees, specialisations and certificates but also easy ways to learn. Talking about the coding platform, Coursera has tons of options with different levels of teaching to choose from. The platform for all is free but to get a degree or certification you have to give a test and pay a minor amount.

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  • Free CodeCamp

Free CodeCamp

If you want to teach yourself to code freeCodeCamop is for you. The platform is non-profit with an interactive way of learning and 7,000+ tutorials to choose from. The company claims to have 40,000+ graduates who learned from this website and are placed in tech girls like Google and Microsoft. The site has its integrated code editor so you can keep practising on the go. Once you are done with a particular skill. You can go for a project test to earn certification from them. The freeCodeCamp also provides a useful set of challenges to sharpen your skills and prepare you for interviews for coding jobs.

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  • Pluralsight


Along with the beautiful website you also get a good coding interface. Users can select from a single course or set of courses in a package. The teaching method of PluralSight is a fun and quirky way via videos. These videos feel refreshed and make you stick to your place and gain more interest in a particular topic. The company offers all types of courses like Python, Ruby, Java, HTML, C++, software development and more. You can take a free 10-day trial and if you love it you can get a monthly subscription according to your need.

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  •  Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy

Certified by Austin Peay University, Shaw Academy offers multiple offline courses in subjects like web design, web development, mobile app development and coding for kids. The platform focuses more on creating a theoretical base rather than concentrating more on coding. It’s ideal for beginners or people who want to learn the core of a particular topic. The best thing about the website is that you can take a month free trial to decide whether you want to pay a monthly fee for further education or not.

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  • Skillshare


Skillshare is an educational platform from which you can learn basically anything. Yes, it covers coding as well, not only just teaching the tutors are some of the best in industry developers. They also provide supplementary material and assignments for you to practice and learn on the go. You can take a 7-day trial and after that a minimum monthly subscip[ption is charged. The best part, that the platform is available in both iOS and Android as well so you can take education on the go. Use Skillshare to teach yourself to code.

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  • Envato Tuts+

Envato Tuts+

Available for free, Envato’s Tuts+ is a global platform for learning a base of coding very easily and efficiently. All you have to do is sign up on the website and you get open to free courses like HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, Adobe XD, app development and more. The special feature of this platform is that it issues an ebook version of any course. Good for students who love to read a book and learn traditionally. To get some extra features Envatos Tuts+ offers a monthly subscription as well.

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  • Udacity


Another learning platform that is free is this one. The company only makes you pay for specific courses and has no monthly subscription. All you have to do is sign up and choose the subject you want to learn, if it’s free you can start right away and if it’s paid, you have to pay only for the specific course with no extra charges or unnecessary packages. One more highlight feature is that before starting any course the platform will give a glimpse about what you are about to start with the difficulty level you will face and how this course will help you.

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  • General Assembly

General Assembly

A boot camp that is absolutely free for coders out there. General assembly organises live streams and arranges seminars for people who are new to the coding world. They give you an introduction course or you can even take a crash course of any programming language. The only problem a user might face is that the sessions are conducted live so there can be an issue of time zone. But the General Assembly thought over it and now these live sessions get saved and you can access the recording any time of the day. Use General Assembly to teach yourself to code very easily

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  • Treehouse


Treehouse is famous for making learning easy and interactive. Start with the videos to learn the basics. After a level is complete there are multiple quizzes and puzzles in the form of games to test your skills. The user interface is beautiful and you earn badges if you successfully solve the quiz. The gamification of these courses makes the learning procedure interesting and interactive. There is a small monthly subscription you have to pay then you can enjoy treehouse even on your iPad.

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  • Udemy


Udemy is one of the most popular learning platforms across the globe. You can find thousands of courses apart from coding once as well. If you want to get theoretical knowledge this platform is a must for you. The best part about Udemy is that you will get a vast number of courses for a single topic ranging from free to thousands of rupees. One can invest in any learning procedure according to their budget.

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  • Mijingo


Web development has gained a significant boost over the years. Mijingo is a perfect platform for you if you want to learn specifically about web development. Please note that the site is not for beginners, rather it can be used by professionals to get in touch with the latest add ons to web development. It is good for learning some professional skills like service APIs, web performance and more. The company offers you a 7 days free trial after which a minimum monthly subscription is charged.

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  • Codecademy


As the name suggests it is an academy specifically to help learners with coding. It gives the basic learning of top training coding languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, SQL and more for free of cost. Codecademy also lets you define your goals for the skills you want to learn and give you some interesting questions with which you feel connected towards programming. For advanced learning, Codecademy provides you with a pro version which is a one time buy giving you access to much more features.

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  • Sitepoint


The site gives a clear path of what you should start with and what comes next after that. Sitepoint offers some good pathways to learn specific subjects, such as HTML and CSS, Angular, or JavaScript. You can go through the courses whenever you get time to achieve your goals. With the monthly package, you also get offline reading material and e-books to read from the platform. The site has a big community to get in touch with other people and gain some experience.

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  • edX


edX brings you some top courses from big university names like MIT, Georgia Tech, UC Berkeley, and Haward. They also provide courses from various top of the line companies like IBM, Microsoft, W3C and Linux, for you to learn online. The education is completely free from this site and if you wish you can do a certification. For certification, you will be required to give a test and if you scored according to the curriculum requirement, they will offer you a certificate of competence with a minimum price to pay.

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  • Code a Cake

Code a Cake

Hear the phrase “easy as a piece of cake”? Code a Cake will give you the same feeling. The site is developed for kids 11 and above that are interested in learning basic coding. The teaching platform makes everything very interactive and easy which is great fun for youngsters. It is like a game, the children need to code to get the bakery working. An easy way for kids to learn some basic coding skills.

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