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5 Industries that Artificial Intelligence is Impacting in 2021

Artificial Intelligence, or A.I. largely removes the need for human interaction, utilizing machines to carry out a variety of tasks

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When it comes to the most used technology buzz words in today’s world, Artificial Intelligence is surely at the top of the list. Although the field has been around for quite some time now, new developments and advancements are continually taking A.I. to new heights. As such, its consistent innovation and application have impacted numerous different industries both on national and global scales. In this article, we take a look at how robust technology is doing just within the context of five major sectors.

The Manufacturing Industry

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The main task of Artificial Intelligence is to eliminate the need for human intervention by developing machines that can learn on their own. And nowhere is this more useful or needed than in the manufacturing industry, where labour force output has the ability to be dramatically optimized in new and exciting ways. Nowadays, A.I. is also helping the sector to become more energy-efficient by reducing waste and reusing production resources. Time-sensitive quality checks are also made easier with the help of A.I., detecting small defects to ensure the best possible product is made safely and securely.

The Gaming Industry

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A.I. is ramping up the gaming industry as a whole as well. Here, non-player characters (NPCs) perform behaviours that are similar to that of humans. This can be seen in popular first-person shooter titles, where machine-learning algorithms are programmed to bots, enabling them to learn how to play, shoot, defend, and more. Another example of A.I. in the world of gaming comes from online casino platforms. In the same way that A.I. helps Netflix suggest which films a viewer may enjoy based on previous activity, so too does A.I. with classic games like roulette, blackjack, or slots in the virtual environment. This technology analyzes player data, with the power to recommend which specific titles from an online casino games selection the user may prefer given their history. Although these are just two instances of A.I. in the industry, these innovations are working behind the scenes to improve the gaming experience for all players in big ways.

The Education Industry

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The education industry is one that has the ability to impact all others. And although human professors and facilitators are undoubtedly needed in institutions around the world, A.I. is proving that machines can also have a helpful role in the learning process as well. A.I. technology helps teachers personalize curriculum content, customizing lessons to their student’s specific needs. When it comes to administrative staff, A.I. helps with the completion of busy tasks to free up time for employees to get more valuable work done.

Artificial Intelligence has proven to have a global impact.

The Healthcare Industry

In an industry as important as healthcare, new technologies are always aiding doctors and medical professionals with the tools they need to succeed and improve the patient experience. A.I. is no different, from helping with administrative tasks to the implementation of robot-assisted surgeries, the sky is truly the limit for the technology in the health field. Patients benefit as well, as their physicians are able to have a better understanding of their clinical problems, assisting in diagnosis, providing valuable insights based on past records, and more. In such a fast-paced, critical sector, A.I. is giving existing methods great room to develop.

The Consumer Electronics Industry

Last but not least, A.I. is being leveraged in the consumer electronics industry in a variety of ways. Nowadays, manufacturers can make their devices with smarter functionalities than they were able to years ago. For example, operating a ‘Smart’ TV has never been easier with the help of A.I., as the user can use the television as they would their own smartphone, scrolling and adjusting settings as they see fit. With ‘Smart’ Homes, a similar task is feasible since homeowners can program devices in their living spaces to turn on and off automatically, with 24/7 monitoring available from their mobile devices.

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