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Interwinning tech

Interwinning tech and gaming Industries are amping up the game

The impact of user-phase technology and its application over a vast repertoire of industries have turned the trend for businesses from simply viewing its application as a transformational phase to now considering it a...

5 Industries that Artificial Intelligence is Impacting in 2021

When it comes to the most used technology buzz words in today’s world, Artificial Intelligence is surely at the top of the list. Although the field has been around for quite some time now,...
LaMDA, Google’s latest advancement in conversation technology: Everything you should know about

LaMDA, Google’s latest advancement in conversation technology: Everything you should know about

LaMDA is Google’s latest research in natural language understanding. It is the company's latest research breakthrough that will make conversation with machines more naturalistic. LaMDA stands for Language model for Dialogue Applications on which...
Microsoft Mesh mixed reality platform launched: Everything you need to know

Microsoft Mesh mixed reality platform launched: Everything you need to know

"Need is the mother of invention." The COVID-19 compelled us to conduct many tasks remotely. As a result, several technologies came up allowing us to study, conduct meetings, and research remotely from our homes....
valentines day

Try these Google Assistant commands on this Valentine’s day

Google Assistant is one of the most used artificial intelligence (AI) assistants. You might be using it while driving your car in Google Maps or simply from your Android smartphone. Google Assistant is present...

Budget 2020: India promises Rs 8,000 crore investment in ‘Quantum Computing’

As quantum technologies have a huge disruptive potential and is rapidly developing across the globe, the Modi government while presenting Union Budget 2020 has announced a National Mission on Quantum Technologies & Applications (NM-QTA)...

CES 2020: Colgate and Oral-B are bringing AI driven toothbrushes into a mouth near...

Each year one gets to see something new and bizarre at Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This time at CES 2020 there are a lot of weird innovations like digital diapers and toilet paper robos....
Apple to launch the 5G models of iPhone 12 and new Apple Watch at September 8 event

Apple’s most recent acquisition can bring a quality update with clicked photos in iPhones

Apple has acquired UK based startup, Spectral Edge limited. Spectral Edge limited has previously developed technology, which blends infrared shots with standard photos to produce crisper images in proper colours. Profile of the startup...

Google is bringing AI to Google docs and we are excited

G-suite users will soon be served with suggestions to finish their sentences outside of their Gmail inboxes. This feature is still in test and currently, only administrators can sign up for the beta version...
Amazon Echo Dot with clock

Amazon Echo Dot with clock review: A more intelligent localized Alexa is what you...

Amazon has been doing great with its voice-based AI/Assistant — Alexa. Integrated with various devices including some of the latest smartphones, we quite liked how it has become more intelligent and keeps learning. This...

Artificial Intelligence trends are reinventing the Consumer Electronics segment

After taking healthcare, education, and telecommunication sectors by storm, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all decked up to revolutionize the consumer electronics industry within the next five years. As per IBEF’S industry analysis report, Indian...

MediaTek Helio P90 with Google Lens and enhanced AI capabilities unveiled

Just two months after the launch of its Helio P70 SoC, chipmaker MediaTek has launched its successor. Called Helio P90, the new chipset is claimed to enhance the AI performance of devices and comes...



Apple iPhone 14 Pro review: The Game Changer

If Aron Ralston (played by James Franco) in the movie 127 Hours had the new iPhone 14 Pro (with SOS features) with him, the...

How To's

Simple and easy ways To Share Any Google Maps Location on WhatsApp (2022)

Simple and easy ways to share any Google Maps location on...

Over the years, WhatsApp has incorporated a lot of handy features into its platform. This is one of the reasons why it is the...