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7 things to do at home to kill time using technology

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Are you bored? Do you have a smartphone or a computer? Then you have everything to have a fun time! Sometimes, even if we have an agenda full of events, there are moments when we have nothing left to watch on Netflix when we would appreciate having some hobby to kill time entertainingly.

Here is a list of useful, entertaining, and even productive things you can do at home using technology so you won’t be bored!

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  1. Learn a new language online and at home

If you don’t know what to do at home and are looking for something productive, learning a new language or improving your level of the languages you already know is a fantastic idea. Best of all, improving your language skills is cheaper than ever: far from language schools, there are now plenty of courses and exercises to practice online.

If you want to put a language into practice, you can look for a tandem through the many websites and Facebook groups for this purpose. You can also watch movies in the original version and improve your language level daily!

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  1. Online games: casino and videogames

In the last few years, online casinos have been top-rated. So it is a safe pastime, although it is always advisable to do it moderately and keep a budget according to your finances.

But in addition, there are games of all kinds that, although you may think “it’s for the geek who knows everything,” are entertaining. You can give a shot to pokies jackpots, have fun with roulette or feel like you are in a Hollywood movie playing live poker!

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  1. Discover new music groups

Listening to music is a great way to clear your mind and kill time at home. If you are tired of listening to the same old stuff, you can discover new bands in two ways: listening to radio shows and playing your friends’ playlists on Spotify.

There are so many bands and musical styles that you will surely make some interesting musical discoveries – listen to the new artists on the music scene!

  1. Improve your cooking skills online

Eating is an essential need. However, only some develop culinary skills. Some have learned to cook and are pretty good at it, while others are satisfied with their results after many attempts. Whether you are a cook or not, why not take the opportunity to learn how to cook better and improve your diet as much as possible?

You can learn to cook quickly and comfortably with many online cooking tutorials. You can prepare exquisite dishes with nothing to envy those of the most requested restaurants.

Everything is a question of putting desire and repeating the elaboration of the dishes until obtaining a unique flavour and presentation. You can also learn to cook exotic dishes from other countries, such as Indian or Thai cuisine. Undoubtedly, something to do at home that will leave you satisfied.

  1. Visit museums around the world virtually

Luckily, culture is becoming more and more accessible. In recent years many museums worldwide have been encouraged to offer their rooms and exhibitions virtually without paying an entrance fee.

What better way to kill time at home than seeing paintings by artists such as Van Gogh, Monet, or the most outstanding artists? Let yourself be carried away by art without leaving home. A good option is the virtual Prado Museum.

  1. Open a YouTube channel

Undoubtedly, YouTube is one of the platforms and social networks hitting hardest. There are videos of all kinds and for all tastes, so why not upload your own?

Many people have become known thanks to their videos; more than one has turned their channel into a real business. Monetizing your videos through advertising can be a very lucrative source of income.

Some YouTubers show their day-to-day life, others have a cooking channel, and others analyze the latest video games in the industry. Whatever it is, choose your topic and dare to open your channel: you can kill time at home and earn extra money every month.

  1. Join a virtual book club

Reading is always a good option to clear your mind. However, especially for those who have already devoured all the books on their list, it can sometimes be challenging to find books to read or even understand the end of a literary work.

Reading lovers to whom this sounds familiar opt to join a book club. Usually, there is one in the local library, but in recent years they have appeared in digital versions: for all those who prefer to discuss books without leaving home.

At first glance, it may seem that it is a plan only for avid readers, but the truth is that there is room for everyone in this type of club: both for those who read occasionally and for those who do it regularly. Undoubtedly, joining one of these club discussions is a different and stimulating way to kill time at home.

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