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7 things you can do with your Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s S Pen

Whenever we think of the Samsung Galaxy Note series, the S Pen automatically pops up in our heads. The Note phablets and their S Pens are literally inseparable. And the S Pen has surely come a long way. What was earlier a plastic stylus that enabled users to perform certain functions; the latest S Pen has been upgraded by Samsung to come equipped with Bluetooth technology. And Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s S Pen can handle a number of functionalities. Besides doing everything that you could with the previous S Pen, here are the functions Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s S Pen can take care of:

Launch the camera

You can be standing away from your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and still launch the camera app of the smartphone. But you must have the S Pen in your hand to do this. Just hold on the Bluetooth button on the S Pen and Galaxy Note 9’s camera app will get launched.

Click selfies

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At the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the company demonstrated various things that one can do with the S Pen. And a really cool functionality of the upgraded S Pen is that users can click selfies with it. It literally acts like a mini selfie stick that can function remotely. Once you have the camera app open, all you have to do is click on the Bluetooth button to click photos.

Switch camera modes

If Samsung has enabled you to click images remotely, it has also made it easier to change camera modes. So suppose the selfie you are clicking looks too dark, you wouldn’t have to get up to change the camera mode to get that perfect shot. Just double tap on the Bluetooth button and the mode in the camera app will be changed. Isn’t that a cakewalk?

Control apps like YouTube

Although we haven’t used it yet, we are expecting the experience of watching videos and listing to music on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to be superb – just like it always is on Note devices. But this time, it won’t just be the excellent display that will make the experience so good. Users will be able to Play or Pause music and videos using the S Pen. This can be particularly useful if the smartphone is connected to a Bluetooth speaker.

Give an entire presentation

Another very cool thing to do with Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s S Pen is give presentations. So no need to carry your laptop to every meeting you go to. Just take your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 along with you. Just tapping on the Bluetooth button will take you on the next slide or back to the previous one. You will, however, need to connect your phone to a projector.

Integrate it with various apps

The South Korean technology giant is opening the SDK of Galaxy Note 9’s S Pen. This will enable app developers to integrate the functions of the S Pen with their apps. Although Samsung hasn’t spoken about it, this will completely change the way we use various apps. We can already think of endless possibilities of integrations of S Pen’s functionalities with various apps of all genres.

Pop it back in the phone to recharge

Needless to say, if you buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you’ll end up using the S Pen a lot. And even if goes out of charge, you just need to pop it back in the smartphone and keep it there for 40 seconds. Post that, it will again work for 30 minutes on standby or for around 200 clicks.


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