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Best ways to fix your region and clock settings in Windows 10

There are some ways to change time and region in your Windows 10 PC. Read below.

If the region and clock settings are not set correctly on your computers it can cause you a lot of misinformation. You can fix the settings of the region and clock easily in a few steps. You can also use the automatic settings, which choose the time and region based on your location. Moreover, the correct time sets your schedule right. Here are some ways to fix your region and clock settings in Windows 10. 

Fix the Clock on your Windows 10:

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Fix the Clock on your Windows 10:You can sync your Windows 10 with an internet time server to make sure the clock is time accurate. Windows 10 comes with a built-in clock system that syncs in with the internet server. There are some options you can do to set the clock right. You can manually set the time if it shows any errors. Follow the guide below. 

  • Click on the Windows icon or search on the search box for Settings.
  • From the Time & Language option>Click Date & time.
  • Right-click on the Date & Time>Adjust Date/time.
  • On the time zone box>Pick the correct time>Toggle Set time automatically.
  • Enable Adjust for daylight saving time automatically.
  • To make sure the time is set to the internet server>Press Synchronise your clock>Sync now.
  • The clock will now set to automatic synchronisation and show you the correct time.
  • You might need to restart the PC.

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Set your region on your Windows 10: 

Set your region on your Windows 10: You can change the settings of your region manually to get the right location and fix the problem in your region settings. Setting the region correctly will also help you set your time and date correctly on your Windows 10. According to your region and location Windows also give you proper content to make you more accurate. The regional settings influence how your date/time formats and language appear on the screens. Fix the region to have more accurate time and language on your computers. The following is the procedure to fix the region’s settings. 

  • Open the Settings using the search box on the left bottom or click on the Windows icon to find the gear icon for opening settings.
  • Tap on Time & Language for the next steps.
  • Now select Region.
  • Use the drop-down menu from the Region section to set the location.
  • On the page open on the right change the Country or region to your country you are in. 
  • From the Regional Format section below that>Go to Change data format.
  • Now change the data format accordingly: Calendar, First day of the week, Short date, Long date, Short time, Long time. 
  • Now the settings will be fixed according to your location and you can access more accurate regions and clocks.

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