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Interviewed: Pallavi Singh, Vice President, SPPL On What Westinghouse TVs is bringing to India

Tete-e-tete with Mrs Pallavi Singh, Vice President, SPPL India

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We recently caught up with Mrs Pallavi Singh, Vice President, SPPL India to know what new innovations the brand Westinghouse is bringing to India. She told us about the growing traction and the partnership between SPPL and Westinghouse along with some great insights into the market and how this brand is taking the lead. Read below to know more.

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Could you provide an overview of the latest range of Smart TVs offered by Westinghouse in the Indian market? What are the unique features and technologies that set them apart from other brands?

Westinghouse has introduced an exciting range of Smart TVs in the Indian market, including a premium 55-inch model. These televisions offer a fully loaded experience with high-resolution displays and versatile content support. Not stopping there, Westinghouse is set to launch a new line of Android and Google TVs, combining popular operating systems with competitive pricing. What makes Westinghouse stand out is their commitment to delivering exceptional sound and picture quality at affordable prices. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Westinghouse aims to provide a diverse selection of Smart TVs that enhance the home entertainment experience for Indian consumers.

Westinghouse TVs are known for offering exceptional value for money and quality. Can you elaborate on the key differentiators that make Westinghouse TVs stand out in comparison to other brands available in the market?

As said, Westinghouse TVs stand out in the market by offering exceptional value for money. Unlike other brands, Westinghouse believes in providing affordable access to advanced technology without overcharging consumers. This commitment to fair pricing sets them apart and makes their TVs an attractive choice for those seeking quality and affordability.

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What motivated SPPL to partner with Westinghouse Electric Corporation and bring the brand to India? What advantages does this partnership bring in terms of product development, technology, and market presence?

SPPL partnered with Westinghouse Electric Corporation to bring the brand to India due to its rich history and expertise in the consumer electronics industry. With over 100 years of experience, Westinghouse sought to establish a presence in the Indian market, while SPPL desired to add another prestigious American brand to its portfolio. This partnership brings advantages in product development, adherence to global standards, and leveraging Westinghouse’s brand reputation to enhance market presence and create awareness among Indian consumers.

The consumer durables industry has witnessed significant changes in shopping behaviours and preferences, especially with the rise of e-commerce. How has SPPL adapted to these changes, and what strategies are in place to cater to the evolving consumer demands?

SPPL has successfully adapted to the changing consumer landscape by focusing on online marketplaces as the primary sales channel. Recognizing the rise of e-commerce, SPPL is committed to meeting evolving consumer demands by expanding its online product offerings. By prioritizing digital platforms, SPPL aims to stay relevant and cater to the preferences of customers who prefer online shopping for consumer durables.

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How does SPPL position Westinghouse TVs as a leading choice in the Indian smart TV segment? What marketing and branding strategies are implemented to differentiate the brand and create a strong market presence?

SPPL positions Westinghouse as a mass premium brand in the Indian smart TV segment, aiming to establish it as a household name. They implement targeted marketing strategies based on factors such as age and territory, effectively reaching their intended audience. By focusing on creating brand awareness and differentiation, SPPL aims to solidify Westinghouse’s market presence and attract customers seeking a combination of affordability and quality in their smart TV choices.

Can you share any recent investments made by SPPL in operations, manufacturing facilities, and research and development? How have these investments contributed to the growth and success of Westinghouse in India?

SPPL has made significant investments of over 200 crores in acquiring land and developing advanced manufacturing facilities. These state-of-the-art facilities will play a crucial role in the growth and success of Westinghouse in India. They reflect SPPL’s commitment to expanding production capabilities and meeting the increasing demand for Westinghouse TVs, ensuring a strong market presence and customer satisfaction.

What are SPPL’s future investment plans for expanding the product portfolio of Westinghouse in India? Are there any plans to enter new market segments or introduce innovative technologies?

SPPL is committed to expanding the product portfolio of Westinghouse in India by introducing a wide range of offerings in the premium market segment. In addition, they are actively exploring opportunities to enter new market segments and diversify the brand’s presence in other product categories. To achieve this, SPPL is leveraging discussions and collaboration with the global team to bring innovative technologies and cutting-edge features to Indian consumers. These strategic investments and expansion plans aim to strengthen Westinghouse’s market presence and cater to evolving consumer demands in India.

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In the consumer durables sector, data analytics and customer insights play a crucial role in product development and personalized experiences. How does SPPL leverage data analytics and customer insights to enhance its offerings and deliver tailored solutions to consumers?

While SPPL respects consumer privacy and does not collect private data, they actively leverage customer feedback to enhance its offerings. By gathering real-time updates and insights from consumers, SPPL can understand their preferences, requirements, and expectations. This valuable feedback helps refine product development processes, ensuring that Westinghouse delivers tailored solutions and improved experiences that align with customer needs and preferences.

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