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Interviewed: Talking Point With Ranvijay Singh, Head of BRAVIA Business, Sony India

We threw some hard balls at him, but he was kind enough to answer them all.

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Welcome to this exclusive interview with Ranvijay Singh, the esteemed Head of BRAVIA Business at Sony India. With a proven track record of driving innovation and excellence in the consumer electronics industry, Mr Singh has been instrumental in shaping the trajectory of Sony’s BRAVIA division in India. Today, we delve into his insights, experiences, and vision, shedding light on the strategies that have made Sony BRAVIA a household name and what lies ahead for Sony in the dynamic world of entertainment technology.

Q: Can you highlight the exceptional features of the Sony X90L that set it apart as the flagship model within the BRAVIA line-up?

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The Sony X90L also known as The XR LED stands out as the flagship model within the BRAVIA line-up due to its exceptional display quality, advanced audio technology, gaming-specific features, and smart capabilities.

It represents the pinnacle of Sony’s commitment to delivering extraordinary visual and audio experiences, making it an ideal choice for discerning viewers who demand nothing but the best.

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It is truly a masterpiece of television technology, offering a host of cutting-edge features that set it apart.

First and foremost, the XR LED boasts a stunning display with Sony’s innovative Full Array Low Dimming LED technology, delivering exceptional contrast, deep blacks, and vibrant colours. This, combined with the XR processor, ensures an immersive and lifelike viewing experience.

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Furthermore, it features an impressive 4K resolution with HDR support, showcasing incredible detail and dynamic range in both dark and bright scenes. It also incorporates Sony’s Acoustic Multi-Audio technology with sound positioning tweeters, that intelligently allow speakers around the TV to create a truly immersive sound experience.

The X90L – XR LED is Perfect for PlayStation5 and is equipped with advanced gaming-specific features, including low input lag and smooth motion handling, catering to the needs of passionate gamers who seek optimal performance and responsiveness.

In terms of smart features, the XR LED is a Google TV, providing access to 10,000+ apps, 700,000+ movies and TV episodes, plus live TV, all in one place along with the convenience of Voice Search through Google Assistant.

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Q:  In the growing gaming market, what specific gaming-specific features does the Sony X90L offer, such as low input lag, smooth motion handling, and compatibility with the latest gaming consoles?

With the ever-expanding gaming market in mind, we have ensured that BRAVIA TV delivers an immersive gaming experience like no other. The Sony X90L is a powerhouse in the gaming arena, offering almost all the necessary gaming features like 4K with 120 FPS refresh rate, Auto Genre Picture Mode, Auto HDR tone mapping ALLM, VRR, Black Equalizers, etc. to create a low input lag, smooth motion handling, and compatibility with the latest PlayStation5.

X90L also has an easy-to-use Game Menu where gamers can tailor their settings to their preferences, such as turning on or off VRR or Motion Blur Reduction with quick access. The Game Menu also allows users to increase the brightness in dark areas to easily spot objects and opponents with the black equalizer and can easily take aim at their opponents with six types of crosshairs. In addition to that, gamers can customize the size of the screen with the screen size feature to concentrate gaming with a smaller, focused screen.

The Sony X90L boasts an impressively low input lag, ensuring minimal delay between controller input and on-screen response. This feature guarantees that gamers can enjoy highly responsive gameplay, making it perfect for competitive gaming scenarios. Its smooth motion handling capability reduces motion blur, resulting in crystal-clear visuals during fast-paced gaming sequences.

Moreover, the Sony X90L XR LED is designed to be fully compatible with the latest gaming consoles, making it an ideal choice for avid gamers.

Q: How does the Sony X90L seamlessly integrate with other devices, and what smart features does it offer to enhance the user experience?

The Sony X90L is designed to effortlessly integrate with a variety of devices, ensuring a connected and convenient user experience. With built-in Wi-Fi, users can easily connect their TV to their home network, enabling access to a world of online content and streaming services. Furthermore, the X90L XR LED supports HDMI-CEC, allowing for simplified control and operation of compatible devices through a single remote.

In terms of smart features, the X90L is powered by Android TV, providing users with a vast array of entertainment options. With access to a multitude of apps, including popular streaming services, users can enjoy a personalized and immersive content experience. The TV also supports voice control, thanks to the integrated Google Assistant, enabling users to effortlessly navigate and control their TV with simple voice commands. It is also compatible with Apple HomeKit, Alexa, and any other smart devices supported by Google.

Q:  Can you elaborate on the user-friendly interface of the Sony X90L and how it improves the overall usability of the TV?

The Sony X90L features a meticulously designed user interface that prioritizes simplicity and ease of use. The intuitive interface provides a seamless navigation experience, allowing users to effortlessly access and control various features and settings. The TV’s user-friendly interface ensures that even those who are less tech-savvy can quickly familiarize themselves with its functions and enjoy a hassle-free viewing experience.

The X90L employs a visually appealing and organized menu system, presenting content and options clearly and logically. Users can easily customize their preferences, rearrange apps, and personalize their home screen to suit their needs. Additionally, the inclusion of quick-access buttons and shortcuts enhances convenience and efficiency, allowing users to swiftly access frequently used functions or apps.

Q:  As television technology continues to evolve, what valuable insights can you provide about the future of television technology and Sony’s vision for its TV line-up?

Television technology is in a constant state of evolution, and Sony is at the forefront of innovation, continuously pushing boundaries to deliver cutting-edge advancements to consumers. Sony’s vision for its TV line-up revolves around three key pillars: picture quality, design, and user experience. In terms of picture quality, Sony is committed to providing viewers with the most immersive and lifelike visual experience.

Our flagship XR processor is truly Made to Entertain, and it makes the biggest difference. Using cognitive intelligence, Cognitive Processor XR enables our BRAVIA XR TVs to reproduce pictures and sound in the same way you see and hear them in the real world.

From the integration of advanced display technologies combined with the precision of a Full Array LED panel, technologies such as XR Contrast Booster, XR Triluminos Pro, and XR 4K Upscaling deliver supreme realism with deep blacks and intense brightness with a wider colour gamut. Sony aims to create televisions that bring content to life with unparalleled clarity, contrast, and colour accuracy.

Design is another crucial aspect of Sony’s vision. Sony strives to create TVs that blend seamlessly with any living space, featuring sleek and minimalist designs that enhance the overall aesthetic appeal. Lastly, user experience remains a top priority. Sony is dedicated to developing intuitive interfaces, seamless integration with other devices, and smart features that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of users.

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Q:  How does Sony ensure that the Sony TVs stay ahead of the curve in terms of cutting-edge technology and innovation?

Sony’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry is deeply ingrained in its DNA. The company invests heavily in research and development, continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible in television technology. Sony’s engineers and designers work tirelessly to develop and integrate state-of-the-art technologies into their televisions. Sony also maintains close partnerships with industry leaders and collaborates with content creators to ensure its TVs deliver the best possible viewing experience. By understanding the evolving needs and preferences of consumers, Sony can anticipate and incorporate the latest trends and advancements into its television lineup.

Furthermore, Sony’s dedication to quality and craftsmanship sets it apart. Each television undergoes rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure that it meets the highest standards of performance and reliability. Sony’s attention to detail and pursuit of excellence guarantee that its televisions provide cutting-edge technology and innovation to consumers.

Q: What steps has Sony taken to make the Sony TVs user-friendly for both tech-savvy individuals and those who may not be as familiar with advanced TV features?

Sony understands that a great user experience is paramount, regardless of a user’s technical expertise. To cater to a wide range of users, Sony has implemented several initiatives.

First and foremost, Sony uses a Google interface that is seamless and quite easy to navigate by any age group. The menus and settings are organized logically, ensuring that users can quickly find and adjust the desired options. Google also creates the “For you” list basis the previous watch for easy access to your preferred content genre. The hands-free voice search is another transformation to search for your favourite Movies, shows or series, etc.

Moreover, Sony provides comprehensive user manuals and online resources to assist users in understanding and maximizing the features of their televisions.

These resources offer step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting guides, and helpful tips to enhance the user experience.

Sony also prioritizes customer feedback, incorporating user insights to improve the overall usability of their televisions. By actively listening to user needs, Sony continually refines and enhances the user interface and features to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience.

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