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Modern ergonomics: How to work ergonomically from home stress-free

Ergonomics play a major role in your work-from-home productivity. Here are some tips.

The COVID-19 pandemic led organisations and companies all over the world to allow their employees to work from their homes. However, working from home has its bottlenecks. It’s always a challenge to achieve the same level of productivity while working from home as one would get in an office environment. Besides, several factors, ergonomics play a key role in your body-stress level and hence performance. Here are some tips that will significantly enhance your work-from-home ergonomics.

Correct Posture

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Your posture is a key determinant of the amount of stress your body will bear during extended hours. You must sit up straight without forcing too much so that your spine is just straight. When you slouch forward on your dashboard, the risk of developing back issues may increase. Keep your forearms resting horizontally on your desk without bending your wrist to reach your keyboard.

Correct Posture
Correct Posture


The average office desk height is about 29-inches that may vary from person to person. Your desk should offer a neutral elbow height i.e. it should relax your shoulders and let your elbow to rest at 90-degrees. This can be achieved if your desk height is just below your neutral elbow height.


The positioning of your monitor not only decides how much strain will be borne by your spine, neck and eyes. The recommended distance to view the screen without straining the eyes is about 550mm that may slightly vary across individuals. You may also tilt the monitor to enhance visibility and counter slouching. If you use multiple monitors, your total horizontal eyesight should fall within 30 degrees to either side.


Your chair is one of the most important ergonomic factors of your working dashboard. Even if other factors can’t be controlled you can always rectify them by adjusting your chair. Your chair should come with a height adjustment function, a tiltable backrest, and lumbar support. If your monitor is too high and can’t be lowered, you can adjust your chair. While adjusting the chair height, your thighs should be almost parallel with your feet resting flat on the footrest. Ensure that the seat pan is not compressing the rear of your thighs.

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Your keyboard should be placed flat on your desk with a slope of up to ± 15 degrees slope. The height of the panel should be appropriate. Keyboards having a high profile may cause your wrist to bend.

The 20-20-20 rule

When it comes to working on a device like a PC or a laptop, your eyes play an important role in ergonomics. To avoid strain on your eyes, follow the 20-20-20 rule. As per this rule, you should look at something (say wall) 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds after every 20 minutes of screen time.

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