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PUBG Mobile: 5 pro tips for bridge camping

Never set up a bridge camp in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile is a game that has got everyone hooked to itself. The battle royal had gained tremendous popularity and scores of people across the globe have been trying to win the chicken dinner. While there are a number of guides on the internet that will give you tips to be the last standing person on the game, not many talk about bridge camping. The bridge is one among the favourite spots of many happy campers. Here, we are listing down a few things that you can do in PUBG Mobile in order to setup a highly advantageous bridge camp and increase your kills with ease.

Tip 1: Be sure that you are the first one to arrive

The thought of getting easy kills in PUBG Mobile can be so enticing that people often forget that they must be the first ones to arrive. That’s the basic idea of camping after all: To stay at one position and remain unnoticed by anyone. One of the most foolish mistakes that people make in the game is to assume that the bridge is going to be unoccupied. It’s better to stay around it and analyse it before you proceed to camp there. The best time to camp on the bridge is to begin when the circle begins to close.

Tip 2: Don’t forget the map

safe zone

Before camping, make sure you check the map and be aware of the closing blue zone. A good number of kills can be achieved if one camps on the entrance of the bridge that is opposite to the side where the blue zone is closing. The closing of the blue zone will prompt other players to use the bridge to get to safety. This is exactly what can be exploited using a bridge camp.

Tip 3: Shoot when the enemy has no cover

There are multiple crashed vehicles on the bridge that act as a good cover for the players. While it is good for those who are camping, it is also good for the enemies approaching. If you shoot too soon, your enemies in PUBG Mobile will get a chance to hide behind cover. So, it is the best to shoot when your enemy is away from vehicles.

Tip 4: You must have the right gear with you


You must have a good weapon with you and a decent supply of ammo to set up a bridge camp. Your primary weapon should preferably be a rifle with an 8x to 6x scope and the secondary one should be an SMG. Also, make sure that you have the right attachments because they can help you get easy kills.

Tip 5: Don’t be at a single place for too long

One of the most basic and important things you can do in PUBG Mobile to survive is to be in constant motion. While bridge camp is a great way to get easy kills, it will also put you in danger as time passes. If enemies notice your camp, they can strategize to break the camp in a surprising ambush. So, the bridge camp may be a great way to get kills, don’t make yourself too comfortable there. It’s not more important than the chicken dinner.

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