PUBG Mobile: Pro tips to set up and break bridge camps

Never set up a bridge camp in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 update

PUBG Mobile is a game that everyone is addicted to. The game has gained tremendous popularity and scores of people across the globe have been trying to win the chicken dinner. While a number of guides on the internet will give you tips to be the last standing person on the game, hardly any talk about bridge camping. Here, we are listing down a few things that you can do in PUBG Mobile in order to setup as well as break a highly advantageous bridge camp and increase your kills with ease. We will first speak about breaking a bridge camp and then about setting up one. Take a look:

1Use the team snipers to find out about possible bridge camps

PUBG Mobile version 0.14.0


There are few good points around the bridge that let players find out about any bridge camps from a distance. If you are going to a bridge, this tip is simply a must-follow. A great sniper offensive before spraying or rushing would be enough to effectively break a camp. Even if they choose not to attack because of a strategy, they would at least be able to determine the enemy.



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