PUBG Mobile Military Base: 12 tricks you need to get the chicken dinner

Here are some things you should know to get the chicken dinner in Military base.


PUBG Mobile is one of the popular games today. The best thing about the game is that every few months, we get new modes and setups to survive in. Currently, all PUBG Mobile fans are trying to survive the Military Base. Here, we have listed down 12 tricks that will help you get your chicken dinner in PUBG Mobile Military base. Take a look:

2. A trick kill your enemy from a different room

Stand in front of a wall and aim with your weapon. Then move your joystick towards the wall. This will show your enemy’s location if he is hiding towards the place you are facing. If you spot an enemy, you can repeat the trick to shoot them too. This can be used in instances like when your enemy is behind a door or inside a container. You can go to an adjacent room and kill them using the trick even without facing them.

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