10 PUBG Tips and Tricks 2019: Become a Battle Royale Master

If you are just beginning to play PUBG, then these are some tips that you must know.


Here you go for PUBG Tips and Tricks

If you are just beginning to play PUBG Mobile, we should warn you that it is addictive. But even if you are a beginner, you may be hooked to the game already.

Here, we have listed down a few things that you may not consider important while playing PUBG Mobile, but should, as they may change the outcome of the game. Take a look here:

2PUBG Tips: Get your smartphone ready

clean smartphones

PUBG Mobile uses very heavy graphics. So, your smartphone must be able to survive that. So, remove all the apps that you don’t use much and close all the background apps and functions before you begin.

If you keep battery or data savers on, turn them off and also keep in mind that the night mode is not preferred. Also, don’t rely on auto-brightness while playing the game.

The brighter your screen, the better. You can also check out our list of PUBG Mobile Settings that should be changed while playing the game.