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Replace Or Repair: Which Is Better For Your Phone?

This is a question many of us come across.

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Smartphones have become a part of our daily life. Almost everybody carries one. These devices are useful to humans, providing capabilities that would’ve seemed impossible 50 years ago. But phones don’t last forever.

Just like any other item, smartphones also require malfunction as they age. Like all machines, the internal components will accumulate wear over time. Furthermore, these fragile devices are vulnerable to external factors, such as knocks, drops, and any other form of impact. In the same way, its software is also prone to malfunction.

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Whether a damaged or broken phone should be repaired or replaced will depend on several factors. Keep reading to find out whether your phone should be replaced or repaired.

How Badly Is Your Phone Damaged?

A damaged phone can often be repaired, but sometimes it can’t. The nature and degree of damage will play a crucial factor in your decision to repair or replace it. Minor issues such as cracked screens, broken earphone jacks, unresponsive buttons, broken speakers, overheating batteries, and broken microphones can usually be repaired. However, damage that’s cracked the body or broken some internal processing components may be irreparable. If you’re looking to have a phone repaired or to determine whether a repair is possible, you can visit Sydney Mobile and other similar repair shops for help.

How Old Is The Phone?

Computers slow down as they age, and a smartphone is just a pocket-friendly computer geared towards communication and data sharing. Furthermore, software and operating systems are constantly updated and designed to run on newer hardware. If you’ve had your phone for a few years, you’ll likely have noticed some functions to slow down even if there’s been no external damage. Generally, after about five years, a smartphone is no longer compatible with newer software updates. In this case, you’ll no longer be able to utilize your phone’s performance due to outdated hardware and software features. In other words, even if you spend money to repair an older phone, there’s a good chance that it’ll soon be too outdated to keep up with the latest ones and perform your usual daily mobile tasks. If that’s the case, it may work out cheaper to replace it upfront, rather than spending money to repair it now just to spend more money to replace it later.

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Is Your Phone Insured?

If you have insurance to cover the cost of repair or replacement, it’ll make things easier. Some insurance policies only replace a phone if it’s irreparable, which will decide for you. For people who don’t have phone insurance, budget constraints can be another factor to consider with a broken phone. For example, the previous point mentioned a case where it may be better to replace a phone, but perhaps that option isn’t within your budget right now. Once quoted a cost for the repair, you can decide whether it’s within your budget to repair your current phone or buy a new one.

How Long It Takes To Repair?

Smartphones have integrated into everyday life so seamlessly that some people can’t fathom being without one. Repairs take time. The phone needs to be diagnosed and then fixed. Sometimes a part may need to be ordered, extending the repair time. Other devices may need to be repaired before they get to yours. On the other hand, you can get a new phone and have it set up within the day of purchase. If you don’t want to wait for a repair, you may decide that a replacement is the better option for you.

broken-phone-1 - Replace Or Repair smartphone

Cost Of Replacement vs. Cost Of Repair 

Of course, the cost is one of the crucial deciding factors for many people. Repairs are often far cheaper than replacements, so a repair may be worth it. Conversely, repair costs can sometimes be close enough to buy a new phone that it might be worth spending the extra cash for a fresh start. Take the time to find out the current value of your phone. You might not want the cost of repairs to be more than what the phone is worth. Fortunately, brand new units of slightly older models are often still sold. If that’s the case, you may be able to replace the phone with a new phone of the same make and model.

When Should You Consider Repairing?

Consider all of the factors above. If your phone is reparable, is recent enough that it’ll continue to support current software, the repair is cost-effective and within budget, and you don’t mind waiting for a repair, then it could be your best option.

When Should You Consider Replacement?

If your phone is too broken to be fixed, it can only be replaced. If you consider all of the factors and conclude that a repair isn’t cost-effective, is within your budget, or your phone is old enough that it makes more sense to replace it, then this could be your ideal option.


As you can see, many factors contribute to deciding whether you should replace or repair a broken phone. The factors discussed in this article will help you decide which option is the best for your phone. One last thing to remember is that sometimes, you may want an upgrade even if a repair is possible. If that’s the case, go for it!

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