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Snapchat filters that you will not find anywhere else

Here are some new filters on Snapchat that you must know about.

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Snapchat recently launched some new filters on its platform and some of them have instantly become social media trends. Snapchat baby filter and gender-swap filters are good examples of this. But then, the app is full of other very interesting gaming filters and other effects that you must know about as you will not find them anywhere else. Check out the list of such Snapchat filters here:

Baby filter

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The baby filter has become a rage on social media. No matter which app you login to, you will find people posting their pictures looking like a baby. It is all thanks to the Snapchat baby filter. You will find an icon in the filters section of the app that shows a yellow hoodie. Click on it to get the Snapchat baby filter and a blue dotted outline of the face and a toy will appear on the screen.

Gender-swap filters

Another social media trend that has become tremendously popular is the gender-swap photos that people are posting. These pictures are also originating from Snapchat. The app has got two filters, one that makes people look like a woman, and the other that makes them look all manly with a beard. So, the face and the features remain the same, but the gender changes.

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Men are posting their pictures looking like a woman on social media since this filter has been launched, while women are posting pictures in which they look like men. You should try the filter if you wish to know what you would look like if you belonged to the opposite gender.

Wild Checkers filter

Once you click on this filter, the game of Wild Checkers will begin on Snapchat. You can play the game within the app itself and click pictures while doing so. You can also send it to your friends or post it as a Story on Snapchat as you would need another player to play the game and others can join in only via Stories. It’s a very interesting game and we recommend you to try it with a friend.

Archery filter

Another very interesting filter on Snapchat, this one lets you play three rounds of archery. Using AI, Snapchat has added a dart board in the game and it gives you three arrows that you need to aim at the board. Once the game is over, you will be able to share your score with others via a Snap. You can also share it as a Story if you want to invite others to play with you.

Truth or Dare filter

This one is our favourite. Everyone has played truth or dare at least some time in their lives and now, it is time to play it on Snapchat. The Snapchat has created the game using AI and it first asks you whether you want to choose ‘Truth’ or ‘Dare’. On selecting Truth, a blue bubble will pop over your screen and ask you a certain question like “Have you ever been kicked out of anywhere?” or “How do plan to spend your days when you get old?”. You can hold the record button and answer the question. One clicking ‘Dare’ a Red bubble will pop-up and you’ll be asked to do things like roll your eyes dramatically. You can record these and share with friends.

Snap bowling filter

You can now also go bowling on Snapchat! Just go to the bowling filter and press on the ‘Start’ button. You will be taken to a screen that looks exactly like a bowling alley. We completely missed the shot when we tried to play, but that doesn’t mean you will to. You should definitely try the filter. It’s a great one.

Bits and pieces filter

This is another gaming-filter on Snapchat. It is a puzzle-based game in which pieces randomly appear and you have to pick them and put them wherever they fit. You’ll enjoy it if you like such games.

Nose ring filter

We think only women would use the nose ring filter, but it’s definitely a very interesting one. When it’ll detect your face, it will make a small stud appear on the left side of your nose. If you tap on it, a ring will appear in the middle of your nose. And if you tap again, a nose ring will appear on the right side of your nose.

Vintage photography filter

If you have liked polaroid images, chances are you will like this too. The filter first shows you your image as a Polaroid, and then you can tap on it if you want to see it in monochrome photography.

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