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Take These Tech Security Resolutions for 2022

Important to follow these in 2022.

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A new year means a new beginning. It is like turning a new chapter that gives you hope and motivation to change something. Instead of traditional resolutions, how about focusing on your security online and taking it to new heights?

With the change in the year, enthusiasm, and excitement in everyone’s heart have automatically boomed. To start the year on a fresh and clean note, we all need to focus on some optimistic goals and targets we can achieve during this year.

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Therefore, don’t forget to add security and privacy to the list of your goals; rather, it should be on the top of that list. In 2022, the world will witness a drift in technological advancement. The concepts like NFTs, cryptocurrency, 5G, etc., are going to rise exponentially, and with it, more new malware and online internet threats will be born.

Therefore, your security and privacy must be crucial for you in 2022, and this article can help you with that.

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Build a zero-trust policy

This year, your first focus must be on building a zero-trust policy, which means not trusting anything that allures you to act, whether it is a website, media publication, or anything else.

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Most cyberattacks happen because we trust something that is not worthy of our trust. A simple example would be clicking on a link sent by someone on social media. It could lead to a malicious website and infect your computer with malware.

Therefore, this year make sure that you never click on any link unless necessary. Always cross-verify everything before acting and downloading/uploading files from an unknown domain. Otherwise, hackers can easily use your system as a medium for distributing malware to the neighbour computers through P2P sharing servers, etc.

Use multi-factor authentication

2022 is the right time to start using multi-factor authentication on all your online accounts to enhance your security further. Multi-factor authentication works by using two different factors for gaining access to an account.

One of the most common and widely used factors would be a password, and another one could be biometric like fingerprints or face recognition.

Hackers frequently use social engineering techniques to gain access to top-ranked business firms, and this technique needs only a single factor to hack into an account. It means they would not bother about passwords or anything else if they know what you look like or your fingerprints.

Therefore, it’s high time you start using MFA in 2022 on all your online accounts regardless of their nature.

Use a password manager

Finally, you should start using a password manager, which can help you manage all your passwords in one centralized location/platform without remembering any of them.

This way, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your login details for Gmail or Facebook because you can always access them by installing the password manager’s extension on your browser.

Pick a password manager, which follows the OWASP regulations to offer maximum protection against being hacked.

Communication methods

In the past year, the world saw a new way of working, i.e., work from home, which will be normalized further in 2022. So, it’s high time to choose secure communication methods to avoid any security breach.

Hackers can intercept your emails and other messages if not encrypted because those are the primary communication mediums used by hackers to distribute malware. Therefore, you must secure our means of communication with robust email encryption to prevent data interception.

If you ever want to send sensitive data over the internet for any reason whatsoever, then make sure you encrypt it before sending it. If you don’t do so, they will risk getting intercepted by a widespread man-in-the-middle attack.

Finally… encrypt everything

Encryption is one of the best security practices used by all countries to protect their classified information from getting leaked. Still, somehow this technique has been underutilized by individuals.

If you have sensitive information on your hard disk, encrypting it would be the best way to secure them from being stolen or hacked into. A simple example of this would be credit card numbers, bank details, and other kinds of personal information. If kept unencrypted in your HDD, it can easily get hacked/stolen without anyone even knowing.

Therefore, make sure you start using encryption in 2022 and keep all your private/sensitive data away from prying eyes. It is nobody’s business what kind of data you keep inside your system unless it is shared with someone else freely via encrypted channels.

Additionally, you can encrypt your internet traffic for extra security with a VPN. A Virtual Private Network deals the necessary blow to the interception of your online communications. Entities lurking online will not be able to read the data exchanges even if they manage to capture them. Thus, everything you do online is hidden, even from your Internet Service Provider. If you have not used this tool, trying a VPN should be your resolution for 2022.


So, these are some essential cyber-security tips for 2022 which will help you. Make sure you use strong passwords and start using multi-factor authentication to enhance your online security further and protect yourself from hackers.

It’s high time we take these resolutions seriously because, after all, it is about our safety and privacy, which keeps getting compromised at an alarming rate by hackers every day.

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