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Tech Trends 2020: What will the year 2020 hold for gadgets and technology

The year 2020 is all about gadgets and gizmos that will make your life easier and wallets a lot lighter

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You don’t have to be a diehard cricket fan to love the sound of 2020 (twenty-twenty). And like its new-age cricket counterpart, this year is going to be fast, expensive and impactful. If you don’t stay on top of latest trends and launches you might miss a chance to travel to the moon in a spacious, monogrammed, gold and Swarovski studded vessel; or own kitchen gizmos that let you know when the food is cooked. Better yet, purchase luxury vehicles that are right out of a Sci-Fi movie, but look sleeker and smarter.

SHARP Healsio Superheated Steam Oven (1)

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Let’s face it we love gadgets that sing along or read the news to us. In 2019 we saw a lot of AIs (Artificial Intelligence) coming to life like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant in our smartphones/smart speakers. So, it was only natural that this year they move into our kitchens. From refrigerators and microwaves to smaller kitchen appliances—with the new tech these gadgets will read out recipes, help users shop for groceries and even tell them when the food is cooked in the oven. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

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1. Tesla Model S

  • It’s electric

A decade ago a luxury vehicle meant either a larger-than-life SUV or a floor-hugging sports car, both fuel guzzlers. But as going green becomes more mainstream, it was only a matter of time for luxury brands to move towards non-bio fuel engines. This year everyone from Mercedes to BMW to Audi is going to bring its own set of EVs (Electric Vehicles). The buzz is that Tesla might come to India with a slightly cheaper version (though still expensive) by the end of 2020. These high-end luxury EVs will have heated seats, climate control multi-channel sound system from smart artificial assistant and even massage seats. Some of them might even drive or park on their own. With a range of 300 km or higher, they are ideal for those who want an eco-friendly alternative and money isn’t a constraint.

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  • Space no longer the final frontier

This year space travel might become a reality. Virgin Galactic was leading this area sometime back however, Tesla has overtaken them and are claiming that they will, sometime in 2020, send humans to the moon or at least take a trip around it. They have been working day and night on Space X and its rockets that can take people out of the atmosphere. Of course, this will be one expensive trip, so only those with really deep pockets will be able to make the journey. The company intends to ensure that those taking this special trip will do so in the lap of comfort with top of the line gadgets and luxe interiors to keep them company.

Xbox series X

  • 8K ready, faster and meaner gaming consoles

These have been on the backfoot for some time now, as PC and mobile gaming made the most impact in 2019. But things are going to change in 2020. Both Sony and Microsoft have announced they will bring their respective new gaming consoles to the market in the coming year. Sony will release the PlayStation 5 whereas Microsoft will launch Xbox Series X. The regular UHD TV these days supports up to 4K resolution, however, these consoles will support double of that. Yes, 8K is what both will support as well as display true to life graphics and scenery. The exteriors, as well as interiors, will get a complete overhaul and what users will get is meaner looking machines with blitzkrieg performance. Cost of top-end variants will be between Rs 1 to Rs 1.5 lakh.

  • 5G will be rolling out

Well, it is about time India also gets on to the bandwagon of 5G services. Trials are slated to run as TRAI has given it the green signal. Chances are that the by the end of 2020 Airtel and JIO along with Vodafone/Idea will be running 5G services. These could be partly rolled out in Metros followed by the larger cities and town. Speeds of up to 250Mbps can be achieved. This will result in faster streaming and transfer of data. Also, VoIP calls will become better.

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Part of the article first appeared in India Today Spice.
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