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The Tech behind Crypto Casinos

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The world became digital many years ago and has continued to evolve and one of such digital innovations is crypto casinos. With crypto casinos, our means of getting entertained and engaging in gambling activities have grown and will still keep on growing. Here’s a guide to show you the important knowledge you ought to have about crypto casinos.

You can compare different crypto casinos thanks to cryptocasinofinder to navigate and get the best crypto casino bonuses when you decide to choose one. Nonetheless, how about a quick run through the basics of crypto casinos?

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The Basics of Crypto Casinos

Crypto Casinos is all about infusing the thrill of entertainment and the best of digital development to give gamblers unforgettable gambling experiences. Crypto Casinos look pretty much like regular or traditional online casinos but what makes the difference is that payments are made with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum just to mention a few.

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There’s so much ease that comes with gambling with crypto casinos because the use of conventional money has been replaced with digital currency. Most gamblers have changed their perception of online gambling since the inception of crypto casinos.

When asked what the legality of crypto casinos and if they are safe to use? It simply refers to an online casino that accepts cryptocurrency as a means of payment and that means that all deposits and withdrawals are done using bitcoin and other digital currency.

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What makes crypto casinos quite different from traditional online casinos is the no requirement for a Know Your Customer (KYC) which is what most traditional online casinos use to verify the identity of gamblers and it often requires them to request some information others may deem personal.

You should however know that many crypto casinos are not licensed by government gambling agencies and most often don’t have traditional banking accounts. This does not mean that they are not safe, or legit, or that your funds are a risk of getting lost. They make up for these in other high-ranking benefits.

How do they work? Well, all crypto casinos rely on the functionality of blockchain technology to successfully carry out their casino activities just like regular crypto tokens do. All privacy and transparency of transactions are recorded on the blockchain. Blockchain technology makes all transactions on crypto casinos to be immutable, decentralised and recorded sequentially. There is no possibility for fraudulent activities or cheating of gamblers on a decentralised platform like blockchain technology.

Just having a bank account doesn’t give you access to crypto casinos, a cryptocurrency wallet is required before a gambler can play on any crypto casino. This is because cryptocurrency can be stored only in crypto wallets. The wallets can be either online or offline, but both are safe and secured in their way with unique pros and cons.

The first step in playing in an online casino is to first open a wallet. This is necessary because that is where all your crypto coins will be stored and it works just as how an account works.

The very next thing is to identify the casino you would prefer to gamble on. You can check out reviews on the best crypto casinos available within your reach. Check out casinos with reputable licences and those with better security features. After selecting a casino, you would need to sign up and once that is done, deposits are the next thing in line. Depositing with crypto wallets is quite simple and is just a matter of transferring crypto coins from one wallet to another.

When this is done, all that’s left is for you to play any desired game and keep on winning in Bitcoin or any accepted cryptocurrency on the crypto casino. Your winnings can be withdrawn into the crypto wallets in record time speed.

Games on Crypto Casinos

The fact that a casino is more into using cryptocurrency for payments doesn’t mean that it would have fewer games to wow all interested gamblers. There are many game options available on a crypto casino and that would be considered shortly.

Video Poker

This is one popular casino game that is loved by many gamblers and is not common on many casino sites. Video poker works like slot machines but what makes for the difference between both games is that while the slot is played against an RNG (Random Number Generator), video poker is played against an AI dealer.

Sports Betting

It is also uncommon to find many top casinos that offer sports betting as part of their gambling services. However, many crypto casinos offer sports betting and this is not limited to only football.


Many online casinos boast of thousands of slot games as part of their game library and that shows how popular and accepted among most punters. Many bettors like slots because it is simple and offers many progressive jackpots and bonuses.

Table Games

Table games are like the king of gambling, most people feel that they haven’t had a gambling experience without playing a table game. This is because these table games provide more gambling experience than simple slot games and video poker. The most popular table games are craps, roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack.


This is a simple form of gambling that offers players an opportunity to participate in a lottery draw. Many crypto casinos offer lottery opportunities as well.

How to Get The Best of Crypto Casinos

There are a few risks involved in crypto gambling and this makes it important to know the littlest things about avoiding making costly mistakes. There are a few ways to get the best out of crypto casinos and it includes:

  • The very first tip to getting the best out of crypto casinos is to set a gambling limit. This helps you to avoid overspending and losing assets.
  • Another way to get the best out of crypto casinos is to choose games that are right for you and bring you the greatest chance of winning. You should also pick games that are perfect for you and suit your gambling budget.

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