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Truecaller launched COVID-19 Healthcare Directory for Android users to quickly find hospitals

Truecaller’s COVID-19 Healthcare Directory will not only save the efforts of the patient but also save him/her from fake news regarding medical assistance.

In the past few weeks, India has observed a rapid rise in the COVID-19 cases. There has been an intermittent shortage of medical supplies and assistance in different parts of the country. Truecaller has announced the COVID-19 Healthcare Directory so that people quickly find hospitals throughout the country. This feature will not only save the efforts of the people in seeking hospitals but also save them from fake news and advertisements regarding medical assistance.

Why did Truecaller announce the COVID-19 Healthcare Directory?

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The rapid growth of the COVID-19 cases in India has posed immense pressure on the health infrastructure. The number of patients that reach hospitals is more than what hospitals can accommodate. Most hospitals are functioning beyond their capacities. Due to an enormous amount of calls, some hospitals have stopped admitting new patients. As a result, several patients lose their lives even before getting admitted to a hospital.

The COVID-19 Healthcare Directory announced by Trucaller will help the COVID-19 patients find the nearest hospitals. This will save them from searching for available medical assistance from one hospital to another. This shall also save their time, money, and energy that could be utilised in the patient recovery.

How will the COVID-19 Healthcare Directory of Truecaller work?

Truecaller’s COVID-19 Healthcare Directory will consist of a search button using which users will be able to find the nearest hospitals throughout the country. The company claims that the data stored in the Healthcare Directory will be sourced from the official website of the government of India. Thus, patients can rely on the information provided by the directory.

How will the COVID-19 Healthcare Directory of Truecaller work?
How will the COVID-19 Healthcare Directory of Truecaller work? (Image Credit: Truecaller)

According to Truecaller, “We decided to make it as easy as possible for everyone in India to find medical care near them. It can be hard to find the right healthcare numbers when you need it most, so we’ve added it to the app”.

Users will be able to access the COVID-19 Healthcare Directory in the menu of the Truecaller Android app. It must be noted that the company does not assure the availability of hospitals. The directory will serve as a one-stop source for contacting hospitals quickly.

When will Truecaller release the COVID-19 Healthcare Directory?

The COVID-19 Healthcare Directory is already available in the beta version of the Truecaller app and the users can access it anytime. It must be noted that the feature is currently available only for Android devices. We can expect to appear on the iOS version of the app as well soon.

According to Truecaller, “We will be updating it every day and making sure that as many hospital phone numbers from as many areas in India are available”.

Which other companies have come up to provide assistance during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic?

Twitter has added the Advanced Search feature to its platform that will enable the users to use filters to find tweets and hashtags related to the resource they are seeking. For instance, if a user is looking for a vacant bed in a hospital. He can use the advanced search option to find the tweets related to the vacant beds during a specific period and related hashtags.

According to Twitter, “Advanced Search https://twitter.com/search-advanced can help you filter for fields like a specific hashtag, time period, or Tweets from a particular account”.

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