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What are Microsoft rewards and how can you get them?

Do you want to earn while searching the internet? Microsoft Rewards is a great way to do it.

Microsoft Rewards is a free initiative that offers you points based on things you do every day such as searching on Bing and buying from the Microsoft Store online. Here is everything you need to know about it and how you can earn some great rewards.

How does Microsoft Rewards work?

Microsoft Rewards pays you for browsing the web on Bing.com or any browser that uses the Bing search engine like Microsoft Edge. You get rewarded in terms of points where each point is worth about $0.001. For every search you make on Bing or an associated browser, you will earn 5 points.

How does Microsoft Rewards work?
How does Microsoft Rewards work?

How do you progress with the rewards?

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There are two levels you can achieve in the process.

Level 1: The level at which you begin

Level 2: You achieve this level by earning 500 points per month. You’ll remain in Level 2 if you keep earning not less than 500 points per month.

The above two levels differ in the number of points you are awarded for searching. Level 1 offers only 50 points per day whereas Level two limits you to 250 per day. In general terms, at Level 1, you get paid for 10 searches per day and 25 searches per day at Level 2.

To make money with Microsoft Rewards, follow these steps.

1) Actively browse using Microsoft Edge

You can get as much as 150 points per month, 5 points per hour, for actively browsing the web with Bing or Microsoft Edge.

2) Complete Fun Offers

Unlike other websites running similar initiatives, Microsoft Rewards grants you rewards without posing any risk or demanding any personal information from you such as your email and phone number. Thus, you simply need to try a couple of fun quizzes, do quick searches, and take an MS Rewards tour. You may earn about 100 points just for setting a goal.

3) Get Points for Shopping at the Microsoft and Windows Stores

For every $1 you spend buying anything from the Microsoft Store, you can earn 1 point. This amount may seem insignificant but it’s better than not getting at all for leisure activity.

How do you progress with the rewards?
How do you progress with the rewards?

Is There a Minimum Payout Threshold?

There is a minimum payout threshold depending upon what you wish to redeem your points for.

  1. Most sweepstakes entries will cost 200 points, but some of them are free of cost.
  2. You’ll require at least 1,600 points to cash out a Windows Store gift card worth $1.25.
  3. You will need to save up to 24,500 points to avail of Microsoft Store discounts.

How Does Microsoft Rewards Pay?

There are several ways to choose the method of redeeming your points. You can do that for Xbox and Windows gift cards, Microsoft Store gift cards, and sweepstakes entries. You can also donate them to a charity or non-profit organisation. Microsoft Rewards also come as gift cards from third parties including Amazon, Domino’s Pizza, and Starbucks. However, there is no provision for you to cash out your points to your PayPal account as the points don’t have any cash value.

How Does Microsoft Rewards Pay?
How Does Microsoft Rewards Pay?

Microsoft Rewards does not demand a commitment or fees from you. It comes attached with your Microsoft account. You just need to sign in to avail yourself of the feature. As you collect more points, you increase the chances of being rewarded. However, it must be noted that rewarding features after buying from the Microsoft Store or searching on Bing may not be applicable in every country.

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