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GOQii fitness band review: A decent fitness band, but at a price

The Indian consumers are slowly waking up to the reality that they have to stay fit and healthy. But, most do not end up hitting the gym or the yoga mat every day. Time is dear and one ends up doing a lot of other things, juggling between home and the office, that no time for a 15-20 minute workout can be bought. This is where fitness trackers step in. They not only enable you to do a quick workout, but keep an eye on your health and fitness levels too.

We see a lot of fitness trackers, bands and watches flooding the Indian market these days. We got our hands on one them called the GOQii Fitness band that ends up as your personal trainer who will always be with you 24X7. We spent a good time with it and this is what we found out.

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Design-wise the GOQii Fitness band is decent too look at. Yes, there are fitness trackers that look really hot, but this one does have an identity of its own. Dressed in black and red, the GOQii Fitness band is a light fitness tracker that can be adjusted over any wrist type. The tracker is right in the middle of the strap and can be easily removed for a quick charge.

If you sweat a lot do not worry, as the band is water resistant and one can take it out on (light) rainy day too. Just make sure you do not take it to the showers after a workout. One can tap or swipe the device to wake it up. Light taps on it show you the different modes, steps and calories burnt. The device boots up very quickly and charges up fast too. The battery lasted for 3 days straight for us. A charger comes in the box so that one does need to find a USB port to charge the GOQii Fitness band.

On the performance front the GOQii Fitness band is pretty much up there. Users need to download the GOQii app to use the device fully. The app is compatible with most Android smartphones and will show you things like calories burnt and distance travelled.

There are certain things that one would need to log into the app such as food intake, type of food and water consumed. These cannot be tracked directly by the GOQii Fitness band, but one can easily use the app, which by the way acts like your personal trainer, to log these things in. The GOQii app uses Bluetooth to sync the info between the phone and the band. So one ends up using a wee-bit extra power of the smartphone as well.

Users can set goals and work towards them. This is seen by the GOQii coach who knows every bit about you. At the time of registering the device, the user needs to fill an elaborate form about their fitness levels and other things. This helps the coach app train you well. The coach will suggest the methods and gives you food options to keep you fit and healthy.

Overall, the experience with the GOQii Fitness band was not bad. Consumers can pick up the GOQii Fitness band with a 6 month coach subscription option of Rs 6,999 or 12 month option of Rs 11,999. This is a bit steep when compared to some of the other fitness trackers available in the market, but those do not provide you an elaborate coach system like the GOQii Fitness band does.


Decent style

Water resistant


Battery life could have been better

Price is a little steep

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