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Redmi SonicBass wireless earphones review: Long battery meets good performance

Looking to buy an affordable pair of earphones?

Redmi SonicBass wireless earphones were recently launched in India at a price of Rs 1,299 and they come with features like a 120mAh battery, IPX4 rating and is obviously touted to be for bass lovers. We spent a few days with the device, and here’s our review of it:

Redmi SonicBass wireless earphones design

As always, we’ll first talk about the design of the gadget. The Redmi SonicBass wireless earphones are really as basic as they can be in terms of look and feel. Available in two colour options – Black and Blue Black – the earphones are completely made of plastic and come with a flexible neckband which turns thicker towards its ends. The ends of the neckband house the battery of the earphones, the Bluetooth hardware, the Power and Volume Rocker buttons, the Micro-USB port, an indicator light and the microphone. The Redmi branding sits on the left one, but it is very easy to miss it because it’s so light. You can turn on the earphones with a long press of the Power button. With a single smaller press on it, you can play or pause the music or answer or disconnect phone calls. In addition to this, you can press it twice to summon the digital assistant on your smartphone.

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Redmi SonicBass wireless earphones 2

The earpieces of the Redmi SonicBass wireless earphones are connected to the ends of the neckband via cables and they stay attached to each other via magnets. We liked this because the magnets keep the cables from tangling up with each other. Speaking further about Redmi SonicBass wireless earphones, it comes with support for Bluetooth 5.0, and can be paired with up to two devices at once. When we tried to do this, we had no problem pairing or switching between the two devices. So that’s another plus.

As said the Redmi SonicBass wireless earphones come with IPX4 rating, which basically makes them splash proof. It also means that you can use the headset while working out without having to worry about them being ruined with sweat. You can even take them for a run during the rain, but just do not throw them in a pool of water thinking they are waterproof.

In the box, you even get multiple silicone ear tips of different sizes to choose from. However, the charging cable is missing. Considering not everyone has a Micro-USB cable available these days, this might spell trouble for some.

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Redmi SonicBass wireless earphones 3

To conclude, we would say that the design of the Redmi SonicBass wireless earphones is basic, but if you are looking for a pair of earphones that are comfortable to wear, then Redmi SonicBass wireless earphones won’t disappoint you. Even when we wore them for hours at a stretch, we didn’t feel any discomfort or pain. We aren’t too fond of the plastic built, but at this price point, we can’t complain.

Redmi SonicBass wireless earphones performance

When the name of a headset has the word ‘Bass’ in it, you already know what the company is promising with the product. So we weren’t surprised to find out that the headphones performed very well with music that was heavy on bass. But even with music of other genres, that are not as heavy on bass, the earphones don’t disappoint.

So if you are a bass lover, the Redmi SonicBass wireless earphones will definitely be a treat for ears. It may not be that delightful for you if you enjoy something else, but we can confidently say that you’ll still be happy with it. If we talk about the quality of the sound, it was really good and remained consistent no matter what kind of music we heard from which platform. We heard music from Spotify, YouTube, Netflix, and other platforms, but the quality of sound did remain good throughout.

Redmi SonicBass wireless earphones 4

One small thing we found to be challenging was that when we played very high range music, it wasn’t as clear as the mid and low ranges on the earphones.

The earphones automatically give preferential treatment to bass in music, but we would not complain because they are also marketed like that. As said, the name of the device literally suggests that. We did try to use the earphones for the purpose of making and answering calls too and it performed decently. We could hear the caller and be heard by them at all times and the clarity of sound was maintained. The noise cancellation of the earphones could be better.

Redmi SonicBass wireless earphones come with 120mAh battery, and this is probably the biggest selling points of the device. It takes almost two hours to be completely charged and it will easily give you around 11-12 hours of usage.


The performance of the Redmi SonicBass wireless earphones clearly outdoes the design. The bass-heavy music was great to listen to and the audio quality was good and consistent. The earphones’ battery was very long lasting too. The plastic built is not our favourite thing, but can’t complain at this price point, particularly because the comfort was unaffected. So, at Rs 1,299, Redmi SonicBass wireless earphones are clearly a very good buy.

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