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RHA MA650 Wireless Headphones Review: Light and full of bass

RHA is a company from Britain and has been producing some great pair of headphones. Recently they brought the RHA MA650 Wireless Headphones to India and we got to play with them for some time. This is our review of the audio beauties dressed in white


Straight out of the box, we fell in love with the design of these nifty little headphones that are nothing short of stunning. They are light and the rubberised bright white neck band and wire paired with brushed aerospace graded aluminium earplugs looks superb. Yes, they do get a little dirty, but since they are water resistant (IPX4 rating) a quick moist wipe takes care of all the smudges and dirt.

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The right wire has a controller, which has the volume up and down buttons along with the call/pause key in the middle. The power button, LED indictor along with the USB type C charging port are located on the right part of the neck band, above the metal ring. The RHA MA650 Wireless Headphones come with 7 plus silicon ear tips (in the box) and a special foam one, for people who want extra padding. Built for different ear cavities, these keep the ambient noise out, mostly. As for the battery, it is located within the neck band.


The RHA MA650 Wireless Headphones come with magnetised earbuds, which keeps them in place when not in use around the neck. These are not magnetically controlled like the OnePlus Bullets, but do produce that extra bass you would want. The headphones are comfortable to wear and not once did we feel they are falling out of place, even when jogging or running. However, at times the pesky wire does smack you on the cheek. A word of caution, when you are exercising lying down, use the wire clip (provided in the package) to keep the wires together, otherwise they will just come in the way.

The mids and lows are punchy, and we loved the vocals thanks to the noise isolating Aerophonic design of the ear plugs. All in all, the 380.1 drivers inside do manage to produce good resonance. The RHA MA650 Wireless Headphones are not just built for music; you can receive calls via it too. It has a 10-meter range so you can easily pick calls from far away spots, and we did not find any problems here during our review. The voice clarity was very nice and the other side could hear us properly, since the Microphone is located on the controller.

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All in all, we quite liked what the RHA MA650 Wireless Headphones have to offer. We were quickly able to connect it to our Android smartphone using Bluetooth and during our test it lasted for over 10 hours (battery backup), which is far superior than any of its competition. What too is more than the competition is its price, these come with a price tag of Rs 7,999 that is a tad steep.

Pros: Good look, battery life, sound

Cons: Price, gets a little dirty


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