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YUFit Fitness band review: A cool rubberized fitness tracking wristband at an affordable price

The new generation of people are not getting enough time for fitness activities as their schedules are usually very busy. So, in order to stay fit and healthy, one can easily get a fitness wearable. These bands are getting very popular among the masses these days.

One such fitness tracker came to us in the form of YUFit Fitness band. This band acts as a personal trainer who will always be with you. We spent a good few days with it and this is what we found out.

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The YUFit Fitness band is only available in black colour option. To be frank this fitness band has a plain look. The YUFit fitness rubberized band comes with an adjustable strap that can fit on any wrist. This strap has an aluminium clip, which enables the users to adjust its size according to their wrist. Thanks to the rubber body one does not need to worry about sweat or water seeping into the tracker.  The OLED display on the top of the tracker provides real-time notifications in a convenient and handy way. The display panel has a plastic covering on top of it, which ensures protection of the device from scratches. The YUFit band does not weigh much, which makes it comfortable to wear all the time.

Tap the device once and the YuFit band comes to life. The touch-sensitive smart key on the tracker helps users to navigate across few pre-set options such as steps taken, calories burnt and more. The activity tracker is right in the middle of the strap and can be easily removed for a quick charge. To charge the device, this activity tracker has two tiny pins under it. The device boots up very quickly and charges up fast too.


The YUFit Fitness band comes into action when the user downloads the YUFit app on their smart devices. One has to download another app called HealthifyMe for it to functiona fully. This app helps users keep an eye on the calories they are consuming with the help of its database that includes Indian snacks and food. The app is compatible with most Android smartphones and will show you things like calories burnt and distance travelled. The smart band also shows the time besides alerting users about incoming messages and calls.

The YUFit app uses Bluetooth to sync the info between the phone and the band. So one ends up using a wee-bit extra power of the smartphone as well. Users can set goals and work towards them. Battery of the device was good and we rarely had to charge it.


Overall, the experience with the YUFit Fitness band was not that bad, and we quite liked it. Consumers can get the YUFit Fitness band at Rs 999, which is quite affordable. There are many other fitness tracking bands in the Indian market, but having an OLED display at this price along with good features makes this fitness piece worth buying.


  • Quite affordable
  • OLED display panel
  • Real-time notification alerts
  • Decent battery life


  • Limited to Android
  • Less accurate
  • Low-range Bluetooth antenna
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