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8 Methods To Turn off or Turn on Android Phone Without Using Power Button

Here are some of the ways to ease your life, turn on your phone without using the power button

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Technology has brought a lot of ease to our society. However, a lot of times we do take it for granted. Because of our clumsiness, our phone suffers a lot. At least ours does! So, when our phone’s power button broke, we had to find some ways to make it work without pressing it. Thus, we bring to you 8 ways you can turn on an Android phone without using the power button.

Use recovery mode

This approach only works on Android devices, and you must switch off your Android phone to use it. To enter recovery mode, simply connect in your USB cord while holding down the volume down/volume up buttons. When the menus display, simply tap exit and the device will reboot. 

Different manufacturers may use different Android versions; therefore, this may vary.

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Using voice control – Bixby

  1. Bixby may be used to turn on and lock Samsung devices.
  2. If you have a Samsung phone or Galaxy Tab, you can use Bixby instructions to turn off and lock your device without touching the power button. Unfortunately, Google Assistant commands are ineffective in this situation.
  3. To lock or unlock your device, open the Samsung Bixby app and select “Unlock my phone” or “Lock my phone.”
  4. Bixby will activate the screen, which you may unlock with your PIN, pattern, or biometrics.5 methods To Turn on Android Phone Without Using Power Button

Set a power timer

If the power button on your Android phone is broken and you need to switch it on or off, you can schedule the power on and off time.

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  1. Tap on the search bar or icon under Settings.
  2. Select Schedule power on/off after typing “schedule” into the search box.
  3. You can program your phone to turn on and off automatically without having to press the power button.5 methods To Turn on Android Phone Without Using Power Button

Quick ball to lock and unlock Xiaomi and Redmi phones

  1. Quick Ball is a useful function found on all Xiaomi and Redmi devices running MIUI. Home, Recents, Back, screenshot, and Lock are among the shortcuts.
  2. Select Quick ball from the drop-down menu under Settings > Additional settings.
  3. Now, in front of Turn on Quick ball, tap the toggle symbol.
  4. You can now lock your phone by tapping the Lock shortcut in Quick ball, then wake it up and unlock it with a double-tap without having to use the power button.5 methods To Turn on Android Phone Without Using Power Button

Accessibility menu

To assist physically disabled persons using their phones, Android smartphones offer an Accessibility or Assistant menu. After you’ve enabled it, you’ll be able to access the Power Menu screen and turn on or lock your Android phone without having to use the power button. Follow the steps below:

  1. On your device, go to Settings > Accessibility. Accessibility can be found under Additional options for Chinese phones such as Xiaomi, Google Pixel, Huawei, Oppo, Realme, OnePlus, Vivo, and so on. The Accessibility or Assistant Menu must now be enabled.
  2. Samsung gadgets: Enable the Assistant menu by tapping on Interaction and dexterity. At the right border of the screen, a floating will appear. Simply press it and choose the Power off option from the menu.
  3. Other brands: Enable the Accessibility Menu under Accessibility > Accessibility Menu. On your phone’s navigation bar, look for the Accessibility Menu symbol. To lock or restart your phone without using the power button, simply hit the Accessibility Menu icon and select the Power or Lock screen.5 methods To Turn on Android Phone Without Using Power Button 5 methods To Turn on Android Phone Without Using Power Button 5 methods To Turn on Android Phone Without Using Power Button

Use the Quick Settings Panel

Use the Quick Settings Panel

Most smartphones allow users to access the power menu from the Quick Settings panel. If your smartphone’s power key is not working at all, you may need to connect it to a charger or activate the ‘double tap to wake up’ option in order to activate the lock screen. Once you’ve unlocked your phone, swipe down from the status bar and tap the power button at the top right section of the screen to access the power menu. You can now choose to turn off or reboot your phone.

Use the Buttons Remapper app

Use the Buttons Remapper app

Using the Buttons Remapper app, you can assign custom controls to any button on your phone. If your phone’s power key isn’t working, you can customise either volume key to trigger the power menu when you long-press it. Buttons Remapper also allows you to perform certain actions using a specific key combination, but you will need to pay for a premium subscription to gain access to this functionality.

Use the Phone Lock + Volume app

The Phone Lock + Volume app allows you to reassign the power and volume controls to an app icon on your phone’s home page. This app will come in handy if none of the physical buttons are working on your phone. Long-pressing the specialised icon also lets you take a quick screenshot. This app is also useful for people who use very thick cases for their devices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I lock my phone if the power button isn’t working?

Samsung users can enable the ‘tap to lock/wake’ function in their device settings if the power button stops working. Other smartphone users can use the assistive ball for this task. Certain smartphones can also be locked using the Quick Settings Panel.

How do I power off my phone if the power key isn’t working?

You can tap the power button on the Quick Settings Panel to trigger the power menu. This works when the side key on your phone isn’t working.

How do I use the volume key to turn off my phone?

The Button Remapper app allows you to assign certain functions to specific keys on your phone. Using this app you can customise the volume key to trigger the power menu.

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This is how you can turn off or turn on your Android phone without using the power button. If your phone’s power button isn’t working, try dipping a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol and rubbing it along the button. If there’s dirt stuck around the power button, this fix will help in removing it.

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