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Easily protect yourself from Instagram scams: Best 6 ways

It is easy to get scammed on Instagram if you aren’t paying enough attention. Here’s how you can avoid them.

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Instagram is one of the liveliest social media platforms on the Internet, but unfortunately, it is also rife with malicious activity. Apart from fake product marketing, it is also common for scammers to directly contact you on the platform. If you’ve ever gone through your Hidden Messages on Instagram, you will know what we’re talking about. In this article, we bring you the top 6 ways to easily protect yourself from Instagram scams. Use these tips and tricks to avoid Instagram scams.

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Don’t share your login credentials with anyone

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If you’re being scammed by someone on Instagram, chances are they’re going to ask you for your login credentials at some point. Oftentimes, someone may pretend to be from Instagram Security, asking you for your password to verify your profile. You should know that Instagram doesn’t ever approach you for your password. Sharing your password may give scammers access to your account and they may lock you out of it.

Don’t interact with unverified accounts pretending to be large companies

One of the biggest scams on Instagram involves scammers approaching people for modelling work under the guise of a big fashion company. Always be careful while conversing with unverified profiles claiming to be recruitment handles for big companies.

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Do not conduct business with unverified sellers

5 Instagram tips. instagram money scams

Instagram is a great platform for small businesses to market their product. A lot of people use Instagram to commission artwork and buy artisanal products from small creators. Oftentimes, malicious entities may notice your interactions with small businesses and pretend to sell you a product they do not own. Always make it a point to not do business with unverified sellers as it may lead to you getting scammed out of your money. 

Do not click on suspicious links

As a general rule, you should not be clicking on suspicious links anywhere on the Internet. But this applies more so on Instagram. If you go through your hidden messages, you will notice messages containing weird-looking links. These links are most likely phishing scams and are solely created to get your personal information. Sometimes, clicking on these links may also download malware-ridden files on your device.

Keep your Instagram profile private

Top 7 ways to fix Instagram crashing on Android and iOS. instagram money scams

Public Instagram profiles attract a lot of scammers since they are able to go through all your posts and are able to verify that you are active on the platform. Public profiles also receive a greater volume of messages. If scammers have more information about you, it makes it easier for them to create a scamming scheme for you. To make your Instagram profile private, go to Settings>Privacy and turn the toggle bar on for ‘Private Account’.

Keep an eye out for fake promotions

If you have a decent following on Instagram, chances are you will be approached by brands to market their product. While promoting products can earn you some money, not all promotions are legitimate. Instagram influencers often report not being paid even after promoting a product. It is advised to ask for money upfront when getting into a marketing deal.

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These are the six easy ways to avoid getting scammed on Instagram. Use these methods to avoid all kinds of Instagram scams. If you ever do get scammed out of money, the first thing you should do is report the activity to your bank and freeze your account. Next, report the profile on Instagram so the admin staff can take action against the scammers.

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