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How to find new trending songs for TikTok videos?

Can’t figure out how to get ahead of the trend on TikTok? This article will help.

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With over a billion monthly active users, TikTok is one of the biggest platforms on the Internet. If you’re a new content creator, it can be pretty challenging to make your videos stand out in a sea of content. A lot of users find that using trending songs with your TikTok videos helps increase its reach within the app. TikTok pushes videos with trending content in them, so using a popular song can really give you the initial exposure you’re looking for. In this article, we show you how to find new trending songs for TikTok videos. 

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Browse the For You page

The For You page contains some of the most popular and trending videos on TikTok. While it primarily shows you the content you like, TikTok also pushes the famous content creators and current trends on the FYP. If you notice a particular audio and song feature in multiple videos, it means that song is trending. Browsing the FYP is the simplest way to find trending songs and content as it requires no extra effort. Just be mindful of recurring songs and you will certainly find new trends on TikTok.

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Use the search bar

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Using the search bar is another simple way of finding trending songs on TikTok. All you need to do is tap on the search icon and then search for ‘viral sounds’, ‘trending songs’ or ‘viral music.’ Go to the ‘sounds’ tab to find popular songs and sounds on TikTok. You will also find the play count next to every result. This makes it easier to judge the trendiness of every song. You can even look at the hashtag and videos section to see what popular songs creators are using on their TikTok videos

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Use TikTok’s sound library

Use TikTok’s sound library. how to find trending songs on tiktok

You can access TikTok’s sound library by tapping the plus sign at the bottom of the screen and then selecting ‘Add Sound.’ Scroll down to find music playlists curated by TikTok. Over here you will find playlists like ‘TikTok Viral’, ‘Featured’, ‘Meme’, and ‘Pop Hits’, which have a high trending potential. You can also find playlists sorted by genre.

Use TikTok’s Creative Center

Use TikTok’s Creative Center. how to find trending songs on tiktok

You need to make a business account for TikTok to log in to the Creative Center. The Creative Center helps brands in marketing their products on TikTok by giving them data related to the trending songs, hashtags, creators, and videos in a particular location. You can use the Creative Center to find trending songs on TikTok at any given time.

Use third-party apps

Third-party apps like Tokmeter, RealTrends, and TrendTok collect data from TikTok to gauge the current trends. You can use these apps to find out which songs are popular in your location. You can find out the number of times the song has been played, the videos and hashtags featuring the song, and the regions where the song is most popular. 

Go through Spotify and Billboard charts

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It is not surprising that songs that are charting on Billboard and Spotify also trend on TikTok. You will find several new songs on Spotify and Billboard charts every week. Simply open your Spotify app and go to the ‘Made for you’ section. Open the ‘Top Charts – Global’ playlist to find the trending songs.

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This is how you can find new trending songs on TikTok. If you want to get ahead of the trends, follow the popular content creators on TikTok and monitor the content that they post. Popular content creators are usually on top of all the trends, and following them is a good starting point to figure out what the audience on TikTok likes to watch. If you found this article helpful, let us know in the comments!

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