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How to Unlock Huawei Phone Without Factory Reset [2023 Full Fixes]

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A screen lock is a safety feature that protects the privacy of Huawei smartphones. But there is one annoying thing about it. If you forget the password, which is possible, you could find yourself locked out of your phone and unable to access it.  On such an occasion, you might wonder how to unlock Huawei phone.

You may think resetting is the only way. But it will erase everything from your phone, causing data loss. However, a factory reset is not the only solution. If you can’t remember password for Huawei phone, you can still unlock it without resetting it. In this article, we’ll share with you six effective ways about how to open Huawei phone with no factory reset required.

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Part 1: When You Need to Unlock Huawei Phone without Resetting?

Want to learn Huawei how to unlock phone without factory resetting? But also curious to know under what circumstances users need to remove the lock screen without a factory reset. Here are some common situations you may find yourself unable to access your Huawei phone:

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  • You forgot your Huawei phone’s lock screen password and are now unable to access your phone.
  • Your kid changed your Huawei lock screen password accidentally.
  • You purchased a used Huawei phone whose lock screen password was set by the previous owner, and you have no idea what it is.

In all these situations, you’ll need to unlock your Huawei phone, but it’s wiser to unlock it without a factory reset to prevent data loss. Below are some effective methods to remove the Huawei screen lock without resetting.

Part 2: Effective Tool to Unlock Huawei Phone Without Resetting?

Want to know how to bypass Android lock screen with the most effective tool out there? You may have already tried many techniques to unlock your phone after you forgot its lock screen password. However, only some methods will work for you as they come with varying specifications.

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But there is an effective tool that doesn’t come with any requirements and works on all Huawei smartphone models. Tenorshare 4uKey for Android can not only bypass your Huawei phone screen password without resetting but can also unlock pins, passwords, patterns, face recognition, and biometric locks.

Here are some outstanding features of 4uKey for Android:

  • It can unlock all kinds of Huawei pins, passwords, and patterns, including face recognition, biometric and screen locks.
  • It can bypass FRP Google account lock smoothly.
  • It works on different Android OS versions.
  • Safely unlock Huawei phones without data theft or loss.
  • Works well on older Huawei phone models.

Here’s how to get into a locked phone without resetting it with 4uKey for Android:

  1. Connect your locked Huawei phone to your PC. Install 4uKey for Android on your computer and launch it. Select “Remove Screen Lock.”

2. Press “Start” to begin the lock removal process.

3. Next, enter into recovery mode by following the instructions given on the screen.

4. Follow every step in the tutorial. Restart your Huawei phone when the process is completed. That’s how to open Huawei phone without factory resetting.

Part 3: Frequent Fixes For Huawei Phone Unlocked

If you are thinking about Huawei how to unlock phone, there are five proven ways to get your Huawei phone unlocked without resetting it. We have mentioned those methods below so you can try them one by one, and hopefully, one of them will work.

Fix 1: Unlock Huawei Phone via Find My Device

To Huawei unlock screen password if you’ve synchronized your phone with a Google account, you can use the Find My Device service. But,  Find My Device will only work if you’ve already switched it on. And WiFi connection is needed during whole process. What worse, Find My Device will delete all data from your phone. Here’s how to bypass Android lock screen by using Find My Device:

  1. Open the browser, and open Google Find My Device.
  2. Log in to your Google account.
  3. Press “Next.” Choose “ERASE DEVICE.”
  4. Enter your username and password when prompted. Hit “ERASE.” Then you will get your Huawei phone unlocked.

Fix 2: Unlock Huawei Phone With Useful Android Unlock Tool

If you are thinking about how do I unlock a Huawei phone, there is a useful Android Unlock tool to Huawei unlock phone. This is the safest and most secure tool to unlock your smartphone without a factory reset or losing your data. It works on all types of passwords, patterns and pins to remove them efficiently from your Huawei phone promptly.

Fix 3: Unlock Huawei Phone via Forgot Pattern

If you want to learn how to get into a locked phone without resetting, you can unlock your Huawei phone with a Face Recognition ID. However, you can only use this method if you’ve already set your Face Recognition ID. Below has shown how to unlock Huawei phone’s forgotten password without losing data:

  1. To set the Face ID, open Settings on your Huawei phone.
  2. Navigate to Security and confidentiality.
  3. Choose Face Unlock.
  4. Look into the camera, and the system will take your photo to create an ID.
  5. If you’ve created a Face Recognition ID, you can use it to unlock your Huawei phone.

Fix 4: Using Android Debug Bridge(ADB)

If you are wondering how do I unlock a Huawei phone, Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is another way to remove the lock screen. It is a command-line tool that can connect to your Huawei phone to unlock it without needing a factory reset. Here’s how to unlock Huawei phone without resetting via ADB:

  1. Download the “ADB” tool on your PC.
  2. Extract the files and install the tool.
  3. Connect your locked Huawei phone to your PC.
  4. Open the “Command Prompt” in the ADB installation path.
  5. Type “adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key.” Hit “Enter.”
  6. Wait for the process to complete.
  7. Restart your Huawei phone. Most probably now you can Huawei lock screen password bypass and gain back access to your phone.

Fix 5: Call Help For Huawei Watch

Since ADB is not user-friendly, you are still trying to open your unlocked Huawei phone. Want to know another method about how to unlock Huawei phone without factory reset? If you own a Huawei watch, you can use it to unlock your Huawei phone.

Here’s how to unlock Huawei phone without resetting via Huawei watch:

  1. Connect your Huawei phone with your Huawei watch.
  2. Navigate to Settings on your Huawei phone.
  3. Choose Security & privacy.
  4. Next, select Lock screen password.
  5. Finally, choose Smart lock to Huawei lock screen password bypass.

Part 4: Final Thought

Can’t remember password for Huawei phone because you forgot it. Want to know how to unlock Huawei phone? Most often, smartphone users forget their lock screen password and choose to reset their phone, losing all data in the process. But there are many practical methods that work to remove the screen lock from your Huawei phone with a factory reset.

Hopefully, our post has been able to answer your query, “how do I unlock my lock screen without resetting it.” Try the earlier-mentioned techniques one by one according to your situation. However, these methods come with certain specifications and may not work for you.

But there is one effective tool Tenorshare 4uKey for Android, that doesn’t come with any limitations. It can remove all kinds of screen locks, face IDs, and biometric and pattern locks. Moreover, it works on older Huawei models and various Android versions to remove locks without losing data.

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