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WhatsApp group video calling has gone live for some users. Follow these steps to check if you are one of them

WhatsApp has killed the SMS industry, since everyone is using this simple free tool (mostly) on their Android and iOS devices to communicate. It is a revolutionary app that has left the mobile operators in a tizzy as the number of people using their SMS service is going down by the day. Well, one reason is: Why would one pay for a limited text message when you can send a huge message, files, images and more over an app that just uses data (which these days is limitless thanks to Reliance JIO) for almost nothing.

Now it seems like that WhatsApp is all set to kill the video calling industry too. Yes, it has the video calling ability since some time, but new features are being added to make the video calling experience more robust. The new feature that has just been rolled out is the group video calling feature. It is a scattered roll out for users, not all are getting it at the same time. If you are using an Android smartphone then look for the latest version update that should say 2.18.145, on Apple iOS it should mention 2.18.52. But, then also not all users will have this activated, like we said it is scattered update.

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To check if you have this feature active on your smartphone, follow these steps:

  1. Open your WhatsApp on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Select a person you would want to video call
  3. Go to that person’s window and press the video call button.
  4. Once the call window opens there should be a new button called “Add Participant”
  5. If you find this button there, then group video calling feature is active on your device and you can add more people to the conversation.
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