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Cracked your smartphone screen? Here are 9 things you need to first about a broken display

Had an accident with your smartphone screen and don’t know what to do? Here are 9 things which you can consider.

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Smartphones have become such an important part of our lives that we take them everywhere. The basic phenomena now created is where the human body goes, their smartphone comes along with them. But there are often some mishaps that can result in  broken phone screen of one of the closest technologies to you. 

Whether it slipped from your hand or pocket or worse a heavy object fell on it, these accidents will completely shatter your phone’s screen. Here are 9 things you can consider doing when you crack your smartphone’s screen.

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Did you buy insurance for your smartphone? If yes, there is a good chance you can get your device fixed for free. Just get in touch with your insurance company and check with them if the accident covers the insurance’s terms and conditions. All you have to do is stay without your smartphone till it gets fixed, which can too be taken care of with the next solution.

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  • Use an old spare cell phone

It is a good habit to keep an old spare. But that doesn’t mean you store your house with electronic junk. It is always advised to keep a decent smartphone or feature phone, which will last in case of emergencies. If your smartphone met with an accident and the screen is not working. 

All you have to do is transfer your sim on the spare phone and you are good to go for at least basic functionalities. In case you don’t have an old cellphone, why not try asking your friends or relatives. Ask them to lend their spare phone for a few days until you get your’s fixed.

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  • Try fixing it yourself

Even if you have little experience handling phones, why not try fixing it yourself. Thanks to the internet there are many DIY videos available on the internet, especially on YouTube. One can search for many DIY videos on fixing the screen with step by step procedures. Though this process is only advised if you are not confident enough that you can fix your smartphone by yourself. If you don’t wanna take this risk, follow the next step.

  • Get it fixed

Visit the official service centre of the company of which the smartphone is. Before heading to the service centre, there are many companies that provide you with the list of spare part costs, consider going through them as well. 

Also, it’s advisable to check if your device is in warranty as some companies offer discounts and phones out of warranty can be very expensive to fix. Sure, spending money on a broken phone seems a waste, but it will be a lot cheaper than buying a new phone.

broken phone screen

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  • Buy a new phone

If the device is too old and you are not getting spare parts for it, better to get yourself a new phone. Yes, it will look like a hole in your wallet, but getting an expensive repair and ending up replacing it after a few months appears to be a waste of money and time. If you can, wait for some sales that many smartphone companies and e-commerce websites run all over the year. If you spot a smartphone that is good and pocket friendly as well, waste no time in buying it.

  • Sell your smartphone

The smartphone, especially big brands like Apple or Samsung get good resale value and exchange offers even with a broken phone screen. There are sites like OLX or eBay where you can sell your broken phone screen smartphone to get some money out of it. Always, something is better than nothing, with cash raised by selling the old one, add some more in it and get yourself a new phone.

  • Recycle your electronic

If the smartphone is completely shattered and you see no scope of getting it repaired or it seems very expensive. Why not try to recycle it? By recycling, you are doing mother nature a big favour and also many companies like recycledevice offer you money if you do so. 

Just visit the website and choose the condition of your smartphone. After answering a few questions, the company will offer you an amount for your device. Take that money, add a few more from your pocket and get yourself a new smartphone.

  • Use it if it works

If the screen of the smartphone works and you are tight on budget. Use the smartphone as much as you can and save money for a new one. Make sure that the touchscreen is working properly and there is no risk of your smartphone’s screen just falling apart. Apply a screen protector over the damaged screen (if you can) to avoid further cracking of the screen. Saving money and waiting for a perfect buy is always a good option.

  • Get it repaired elsewhere

The reason why this option is in the last place is that if you get your smartphone repaired from outside, there is no chance the repair person is using genuine products. It gets worse if your warranty gets void and the phone is in warranty as you will lose it if any third-party part is installed. 

Also, many functions do not work on these cheap replacements, in-display fingerprint scanners are prime examples of it. Do not expect the same fit and finish from these cheap replacements and they are advised only for emergency situations.

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These are 9 things you need to first do in case of a broken phone screen. We advise you to handle the broken screen very carefully as the shattered glass on it can result in major cuts on your skin. Yes, a broken smartphone can be very frustrating but it should not be something running down your mental health.

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