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Everything you need to know about Pokemon cards and why are they selling out so quickly? 

What are the reasons behind the unprecedented rise in sales. Read on to find the answer.

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What are Pokémon Cards?

The Pokémon Trading Card Game is a collectible card game that is based on the Pokémon franchise of Nintendo video games. There are different methods of trading and buying Pokémon cards. they can be collected from stores in different ways like pre-constructed decks, promo cards, booster boxes, and individual packs. Moreover, you can buy them through websites and individual sellers on the internet.

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Pokemon Trading Card Game

What does the Company say about the unprecedented sales?

The Pokemon Company officially declared that they need to print trading cards since the demand for Pokemon cards has been consistently high especially over the last few weeks when the series is celebrating its 25th anniversary. As a result, several Pokemon fans are facing challenges buying certain Pokemon trading cards because of global shipping constraints compared to its high demand. The company added that the reprinting task is taking place at maximum capacity and soon they will be available to many.

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Why are the sales of Pokémon Cards so high?

1) Chain Reaction

Recently YouTube stars and celebrities have indulged themselves in investing a high amount of money in Pokémon cards. This encouraged people to buy the cards in a hope of profit in the future. As more people swarmed to invest in the cards, their value rose at an unprecedented rate.

2) Publicity

Pokemon Card games salesPublicity is another factor that led to the shooting up of the prices. There are special initiatives o YouTube, Twitch where famous DJs and music producers including Steve Aoki hosted a live event devoted to Pokémon Cards. Similarly, a famous YouTuber Logan Paul has spent almost $300,000 in buying them that automatically raised the face value of the franchise.

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3) Lockdown aftermath

The lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic has led to the emergence of new hobbies in people to avoid boredom. Investing extra money to buy cards could also be one of them. The lockdown phases allowed old franchises and TV shows to make a comeback. Pokémon is one among them. Once the ground was prepared by the lockdown, the internet thing got the Pokémon cards back to the limelight.

4) Game with investment

The recent rise in costs and sales has inspired people to examine their collections to see if they have any items that they can sell. On the side, the people who want to buy are constantly looking to acquire cards not only to make an alternative investment for their savings.

It’s not only the individuals indulged in trading who are making money. Card shops and online retailers are also experiencing huge profits. Many businesses have experienced a rise in their business throughout the pandemic.

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