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Microsoft to launch Hololens 2 at MWC 2019

Hololens is a virtual reality smart-glass developed by the tech giant Microsoft. In simpler terms it is a computer on your head, but there are no wires like the ones found on the VR gaming headsets. Neither it is bulky like a computer. It looks like something from a sci-fi movie. The glasses are compact in size, but proves to be useful in many fields.

We have seen AR in cameras of smartphones, but the Hololens makes those AR look like child’s toy. It can project virtually anything in its display so that the user who is wearing the Hololens can see the ‘object’ in real time without the object actually being in real.

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Hololens 1 was released back in 2016 and it became an instant hit thanks to its futuristic design and applications. Now following the lineup, Microsoft is planning to launch Hololens 2 at the upcoming MWC 2019. The company has released a video teaser for the Hololens 2, the trailer is funky and is full of flying stuff, and melting ice.

Earlier on Monday, the creator of Hololens 1 and head of Microsoft’s mixed-reality efforts, Alex Kipman tweeted a video that teased Hololens 2. The video is trippy, cryptic and ends with a date, 24 February 2019. In MWC 2019, the CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella along with Julia White, Corporate VP in-charge of Microsoft Azure and Alex Kipman are scheduled to address the crowd and will give a keynote.

“We have a lot of exciting things to talk about at MWC 2019,” a Microsoft spokesperson said, so we can expect much from the tech giant. If one is lucky, we could see some new technology spring up, which the company has been working on in secret.

As said, released in 2016, Hololens 1 came packed with hologram-like 3d graphics capable of projecting in real time. There were many great things about the Hololens and it was one of a kind, but it too had some technical limits. The successor of Hololens might get good improvements over its predecessor. It should come with better processor, advanced controls, better graphics projection, better field of view as well as eye-tracking. There are many applications of Hololens, it can be used in field of science, graphic design, military training, and video games. We for one are quite excited to hear about this news.

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