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Opera Software launches Opera Max Data Management App in India and Bangladesh

Opera Software, recently launched a wonderful app called Opera Max in India and Bangladesh. Opera max is a free, data-management & data-saving app that extends a user data plan.

With Opera Max, a user can easily manage the data not only on mobile networks, but on Wi-Fi networks, as well. Opera Max provides data savings by compressing videos, photos, media and more on most apps and websites – without any noticeable loss of quality. It gives a fast and efficient web experience. A user can easily monitor how apps are using their data. With Opera Max, a user can also track the non-essential apps that are using valuable data without their knowledge and block them.

Opera Max is the first app that compresses videos. This compression allows users to spend less data while gaining more time to watch videos on the web. Opera Max can condense a 10 MB video down to 3 MB and significantly reduce instances of video buffering without any noticeable loss of quality.

This app can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store. All non-encrypted data requests (excluding websites and apps with HTTPS connections) are sent through Opera’s compression servers, which optimize video, images and websites to use less data. This is a good app for people who use there smartphones to surf the net all the time.

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