PUBG Mobile: The best and the worst rifles that you can use

Here are the best and the worst rifles of PUBG Mobile.

shooting range

Winning the Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile is hard. It is not something everyone can do. Most people think that only knowing the tricks that are involved and the locations where they can get easy kills is enough. However, we feel that to win at PUBG Mobile, you should also know which weapons you should use in the game. Here, we have listed down the best and the worst rifles of PUBG Mobile game. Take a look:


M416 PUBG mobile

The M416 is the best rile that you can find in PUBG Mobile. But it only works the best when it has all the necessary attachments on it. The M416 is a very balanced and consistent gun. It doesn’t matter what range you are shooting at, this gun can manage it all. The best thing about it is that it is not very hard to find it. There are other good weapons in PUBG Mobile, but they are not as easy to find as M416.



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