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Windows 10 for phones will come after Windows 10 for PC is rolled out. Out for preview right now.

Good news Windows lovers, Microsoft has finally announced a new build for Windows 10 for phones. So, what this means is that you would get to play around with a lot of new features of Windows 10 provided you are a part of the company’s preview programme. The update is available on Lumia 930/Lumia Icon, Lumia 640 and 640XL. And if you don’t own a Lumia, then don’t get disheartened if you are a proud owner of HTC One M8 as the Windows update will be available for this device as well.

All said and done, what else a little birdie told us is that Microsoft would roll out Windows 10 for PCs first and then for phones.

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Among all the feature that you can expect in the updated Windows, here is a glimpse at the primary ones:

1.       Windows Store Beta, which will be similar to Store Beta on the Windows 10 for PCs and has a new visual design.

2.       Universal Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote Preview and Xbox app, the Music Preview app and the Video Preview app.

3.       A new camera app having the following features: HDR, video stabilization for video and face-based autofocus.

For more information on Windows 10, stay tuned with us!

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