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The 10 best free online FPS browser games we love to play to kill time

Love gaming but hate microtransactions? These free FPS browser games are all you need!

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Over the last decade, First Person Shooter (FPS) games have had a tremendous rise in the gaming landscape. Games like Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Apex Legend, are not just popular within their genre but have become household names. With their rise in popularity, these games have also become a lot more pricey and often come along with pesky in-game purchases which might deter a newcomer from playing them. Luckily, there is a wide variety of FPS games that you can play in your browser. All you need is a computer and an internet connection to access the incredible world of FPS gaming. Today we bring you the 10 best free FPS browser games you can play online.

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superhot best free online fps browser game

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Superhot is a game created by a team of Polish developers and received funding on Kickstarter to be brought to life. The full game is available for download on PC, but the demo version can be played online. 

Superhot has a minimal art style which may intrigue some of the players, but the real charm of the game lies in its storyline. There are a lot of metanarratives added to the story, making it captivating and hard to walk away from. In Superhot, time moves slower when you’re still and speeds up as you start moving. This allows you to experience the gameplay in slow-motion, essentially giving you the option to dodge bullets and pull off a bunch of other tricks. 

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The browser version of Superhot only gives you access to three levels. However, you can download the full game for PC/Xbox/PS as well as VR.

Rush Team

rush team

Designed in the mold of call of duty and Counter-Strike, Rush Team gives you the best of both worlds. You can play multiple in-game modes, like ‘Capture the Flag’, ‘Team Deathmatch’, ‘Search and Destroy’, and a lot more. 

While the gun design and shooting mechanics are as good as it gets in the browser gaming category, the graphics leave a lot more to be desired. The audio design fails to impress as well. On top of that, the servers outside of the US and EU are often near empty, with the option to play with bots not available. 

Global Strike

global strike

Built identical to Counter-Strike 1.6, Global Strike is meant for gamers looking to revisit the past glory of CS. Global Strike has near-identical graphics and gameplay as CS, and several modes like Team Deathmatch, Mutation, and Capture the Flag that keeps the player thoroughly engrossed. 

One downside though, Global Strike is a pay-to-win game, meaning you can pay to get access to permanent weapons, character customisations, and other accessories. This gives some players a significant advantage over the others. 

War Brokers

war broker

War Brokers is one of the best FPS browser games you can play right now. With a Minecraft-like blocky game design, War Brokers offers two game modes: Classic and Battle Royale. While the Classic mode is fun to play, Battle Royale is where War Brokers truly shines.

The one advantage that War Brokers has over its peers is readily available servers that’ll begin the game without any prolonged game time. Your character is dropped onto the battlefield where it has to collect weapons while taking out other opponents in order to stay the last man alive.

The blocky graphics will take a while to get accustomed to, but they are aesthetically pleasing. The maps aren’t too big, which makes the gameplay fast and exciting.

If you are a fan of PUBG, Fortnite, and H1Z1, you will have a great time playing War Brokers. 

Warmerise: Red vs Blue

warmerise red vs blue

As the name suggests, Warmerise puts you in one of the two factions, Red or Blue. The objective is to get as many kills as you can and climb the leaderboard. Warmerise follows a sci-fi theme, which makes it even more fun to play as there are a lot of imaginative guns that you can utilise to achieve your objectives. You can find specialised weaponry through drops on the map. 

As exhaustive and creative as the arsenal might be, Warmerise is a bit of a letdown when it comes to graphics. It seems like a nod to the early FPS point-and-shoot games of the 90s like Quake, original Counter-Strike, and Halo 1. 

Mini Royale 2

mini royale 2

If you’re just starting out with Battle Royale games, Mini Royale is where you need to begin. With a small map that only lets 10 players in at a time, Mini Royale lets you get accustomed to the gameplay and ensures you’re able to let the experience thoroughly sink in.

The objective is simple – you have to eliminate all other players to be the last man standing. When you enter a battlefield you are given a sidearm. You have to pick weapons along the way while avoiding getting killed. For a game its size, Mini Royale 2 has surprisingly good graphics. It is highly recommended to players who enjoy Counter-Strike Global Offensive.



Like War Brokers, Krunker also features a Minecraft-like blocky game design. The simple game design also ensures that it is light and easy to play. You are able to access better guns and skins as you level up in the game. The game mechanism is pretty fluid, which is essential in the FPS category. The servers are usually very active, which means you’ll always find other users to play with. If you like in-game customisations, Krunker lets you buy a host of accessories for your weapons. These accessories are solely for aesthetics and do not give you any added perks. 

Wolfenstein 3D

wolfenstein 3d top free browser games

If you’re a seasoned gamer, there is no way you aren’t familiar with Wolfenstein. Now available in a 3D title you can now play Wolfenstein on your web browser. Wolfenstein 3D is a trip down memory lane, with the 3D title still managing to capture the essence of the original FPS. 

While nostalgia might be a strong element of Wolfenstein 3D, it still holds its own among the other games mentioned in this list. Set in the time of WW2, it follows the character of William Blazkowicz, an Allied forces soldier set to hunt down Nazis. The final boss of the game is no other than Hitler himself. 

Wolfenstein is the rite of passage for every gamer that enjoys playing FPS games. It had an incredible influence on the genre it helped create and is often dubbed as the ‘Grandfather of First Person Shooters’.


doom best free browser games

DOOM is another previous generation title that had a significant impact on the modern gaming landscape. Often known for its adaptability and the impressive attribute to run on any console no matter how rundown it is, DOOM has created a unique reputation for itself. 

Set on a post-apocalyptic Mars that’s plagued with demons, your objective is to slay as many demons as you can and return to Earth. Accomplishing your mission is not an easy task, though. There are a lot of obstacles you need to overcome on the way. 

DOOM is a genre-defining epic and still holds up really well. The arcade audio is a fun addition to the game and it still remains one of the most immersive games out there.

Open Arena

open arena top browser games

We end this list with another classic, this time from the Quake franchise. Open Arena’s gameplay follows Quake III Arena and gives you the option to choose from several modes like Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Overload, Harvester, and a lot more. 

This one is for all the retro gaming enthusiasts who do not mind the graphics being a bit dated. While it may be clunky in parts, Open Arena is still a fun and captivating FPS.

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All games mentioned above are free to play. However, there may be in-game purchases in some of the titles. You do not need any high-end gaming rig to play these FPS games. All they require is a standard laptop or computer and a stable internet connection. If your browser does not support any of these games, you may need to update your Adobe Flash Player.

While the graphics may not be as vivid as their console counterparts, these games are still a whole lot of fun, especially for a beginner. If there’s a game you love playing that you didn’t see mentioned in the list, let us know! 

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