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Truly Exquisite introduces 24K Gold Sony PlayStation 5

​Here comes another interesting news for PlayStation fans. The long-awaited Sony PlayStation 5 just got even better! Truly Exquisite has introduced the brand new Sony PS5 in luxury 24K Gold, Platinum and also 18K...
Sony PlayStation 5 details revealed ps5 gaming console design accessories brand new lineup

Sony’s PlayStation 5 details revealed: Here’s everything you must know

With the much-anticipated PlayStation 5 games reveal event finally taking place online, we saw that Sony lifted curtains off its PS5 new-generation console’s design, an array of new PS5 accessories and more than two...


acer nitro 5

Acer Nitro 5 2020 edition gaming laptop review: Damn good for...

Acer has been building laptops since ages now and every year they end up surprising us with the latest tech and over the top...

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A step by step guide on how to record WhatsApp audio calls on your Android smartphone

A step by step guide on how to record WhatsApp audio...

When it comes to testing or video calling WhatsApp is one of the most preferred apps. But other than this you can also use...