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WhatsApp is rolling out 6 new message reactions for Android Beta users

How to Export WhatsApp Chat as a PDF on Android

Sometimes you may have crucial information received or shared via WhatsApp that you may no longer have access to from any other sources but just the chat itself. You may want to keep a...
WhatsApp introduces carts to make shopping easier

WhatsApp rolls out carts to make shopping easier

In the current COVID-19 crisis, WhatsApp is turning into a store counter to discuss products and coordinate sales. With more and more shopping happening through chats, WhatsApp has introduced carts to make buying and...
WhatsApp's Frequently Forwarded feature

WhatsApp reportedly registers a 70 percent drop in spread of viral messages on its...

As WhatsApp had earlier announced that it is introducing a limit on the forwarded messages to constrain virality of messages circulating on its platform, a TechCrunch report has now revealed that the Facebook-owned instant...
Whatsapp 4

COVID-19 outbreak: WhatsApp introduces new update to simplify video calling

As people are talking to doctors, teachers, and isolated loved ones via WhatsApp during this Coronavirus outbreak. The Facebook-owned instant messaging app has now unveiled a new update for its application to make it...


Fitbit Sense 2 Review: Wonderful smartwatch for the beginners

Fitbit Sense 2 Review: Wonderful smartwatch for the beginners

Fitbit has made a lot of effort to introduce its new line of smartwatches in India. This time, we are reviewing the Fitbit Sense...

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How to Send Sound Emojis on Facebook Messenger

How to Send Sound Emojis on Facebook Messenger?

Facebook introduced Sound Emojis, or Soundmojis, on Messenger last year. Like emojis and GIFs, Soundmojis are an effective and fun way to communicate without...