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Keep your device cool while gaming

How to keep your smartphone cool while gaming

Mobile gaming has been booming since the release of PUBG mobile. After that, games like Fortnite and Call of Duty Mobile have also come into the fray. With mobile gamers increasing day by day...
Top ways to edit, crop and add text to screenshot

Top ways to edit, crop and add text to a screenshot on Android

Do you like something on the screen of your Android device?    are an easy way to capture what you see on your mobile or tablet screens. Good things are better when they are shared....
Add watermark

How to add a watermark in your Google Documents.

Google Doc is a part of the G Suite. It is the most convenient way to share documents with anyone. A person can review a document and edit it if you give them permission....
Instagram and Facebook

Top ways to hide ‘like counts’ in Facebook and Instagram

Instagram and Facebook are the leading social media websites/apps in the world. With users growing in these social media platforms day by day, it’s important to keep up the privacy. Some people want to...
YouTube Shorts

Best ways to fix YouTube Shorts not appearing in your feed

YouTube is one of the leading video streaming platforms in the world. Pattern Video consumption by the current generation has changed. Everyone is in a hurry, they want to consume content fast. With the...
Useful Websites

Top 10 most useful websites on the internet

As we know the world wide web is too vast with millions of websites. It’s really important to know which of these websites are really useful and will help you to be more productive...
Google Chrome Extension

Top Google Chrome extensions you should install today.

Chrome is based on chromium and is one of the best cross platform browsers available in the market. Google chrome supports many extensions. With tons of extensions available in store, It’s really difficult to...

TATA is going all green with the release of TATA Tigor EV

EV vehicles are now booming in the market, everyone is leaning towards going green. With the hike in the price of fuel, it was a really great move by TATA to boost its EV’...

How to schedule a Google Meeting using Google calendar

The Google ecosystem has become one of the most important parts of our lives. With the pandemic over our heads, there are lots of meetings taking place in online mode itself. Google took notice...
Dress up Tips

Best apps that give you how to dress up tips for each occasion

As of now, the government is releasing lockdown norms and places are opening up slowly. Meeting people, we not only should look good, but you should stand out in the crowd. Here are a...

Want to learn another language sitting at home? Here are the recommended apps and...

The world has been suffering through the pandemic for a year now and people are bored sitting in their homes. Everyone is trying to be productive in their own different way. There are thousands...
Windows 10

Top 5 ways to force uninstall programs in Windows 10

It’s really easy to go into the control panel and remove an application from your Windows machine. Although, sometimes a few apps like an antivirus prevents themselves from getting uninstalled. Below are some simple...

Top ways to fix Microsoft Teams sign in error

In this pandemic state, the world has leaned more towards online communication for either study or for work. This we think will be the new norm for years to come, as many industries and...
Windows 10 Feature

How to schedule tasks in Windows 10?

Tired of performing a particular task at a specific time again and again? A handy feature (schedule tasks in Windows 10) has been readily available to users of Windows 10 by Microsoft for years...

Top 5 speech to text apps for your Android smartphone

As covid has hit the world pretty hard people have leaned towards the online medium a lot more than before. The following apps will not only help you convert your speech to text but...
Your backup won't need to be updated if you use WhatsApp's new capability to switch to a different device: Report

How to join missed Whatsapp video calls?

Whatsapp owned by Facebook is the most popular messenger app in the world with billions of people using it. It has a new feature up its sleeve (called missed Whatsapp video calls), which many...

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