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Top 5 speech to text apps for your Android smartphone

These Apps for android convert your speech to text in a jiffy.

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As covid has hit the world pretty hard people have leaned towards the online medium a lot more than before. The following apps will not only help you convert your speech to text but will also help to make your day to day life easy. Today we are bringing you 5 speech to text apps, which you can download from the Google Play Store. 

1. Speechnotes

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Speech Notes

Speech notes handily converts your speech to text with ease. The major feature that makes it stand out against its rivals is the keyboard it offers.

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Generally, it’s very difficult to add punctuations and emojis during a speech to text conversion, but with its keyboard, it gets really easy for users to add them.

It comes with a continuous recording feature thus one saves a lot of time. You can just go on speaking and the app will convert all your golden words to text. Bluetooth and widget support make this app one of the best in this segment. 

Download from here

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2. Voice Notes

Voice Notes

Voice Notes specializes in short note taking. It basically records the audio first, then saves the file, and then converts it. This two-way process helps the user to either read the text or listen to the audio on the go.

The app has tons of editing and customization options like it can edit text and mark them separately. Also, the theme of the app can be customised.

Download from here

3. Speech to Text


Speech to Text

It is the most basic app in the list and does what it says, converts the speech into text. The user interface is minimalistic and the app is really very easy to use.

In case you are looking for an app with no extra confusing features, minimalistic looks, and design, which performs the only basic conversion process, then your search ends here. This app is highly recommended.

Download from here

4. Voice Notebook

Voice Notebook


Voice Notebook is a full-fledged smart speech to words conversion app with tons of smart features like changing the punctuation and words from its local dictionary.

It automatically capitalises the first letter of the speech and also works well offline. It accepts the input with a trigger button and the converted data can be shared online on all platforms.

Download from here

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5. Google Assistant

Google Assistant Google assistant is the smartest AI assistant in the market with top of the class features. Google Assistant is not an application just for the specific reason of converting speech to text, but for many other things. However, it is understandable how good a job it does when it comes to accepting your voice commands and properly executing them into text.

Not only does Google Assistant accept voice commands it can also make notes for you, set reminders, and will be helpful for you to perform day to day tasks without ever pressing a button on the keyboard.

Download from here 

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