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Chrome’s Live Caption feature offers subtitles for the audio and videos played online

The Live Caption feature will enhance the browsing experience of users. Here is how it works.

Google Chrome is one of the most preferred browsers due to its intuitive experience and security. It has been evolving since its inception to deliver a personalised browsing experience to its users. The Live Caption is another useful feature that you find in the updated version of the Chrome browser.

Yes, the new Live Caption feature automatically provides captions for the audio and videos that you play on the browser.

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How do the Live Captions function?

Once you activate the Live Caption feature from the Chrome Settings, the browser engine uses Machine Learning to process and convert audio signals into their equivalent text. You can find captions appearing in a movable box at the bottom of the Chrome window. Although the words of speech appear with a short delay, they have a high degree of accuracy. The interesting thing regarding this feature is that you can see the subtitles even when the volume is turned off.

How do the Live Captions function?
How do the Live Captions function?

What are the advantages of the Live Caption feature?

The Live Caption feature was first introduced in Pixel smartphones in 2019. They are of great utility.

1) Hearing disability: The Live Caption feature has enabled people with hearing disability to get an enhanced experience over the internet. Now they can understand the speeches and videos that are primarily void of subtitles.

2) Do not disturb: The Live Caption feature works even when the system volume or the browser media player volume is turned off. As a result, you can read the captions to understand podcasts and speeches.

3) Lyrics: The Live Caption feature is highly useful for music listeners. The lyrics of the fast-tempo songs is difficult to catch. The Live Caption feature will effectively display the lyrics that you can even pause to understand the meaning.

How can you enable Live Captions?

You can enable the Live Captions in the latest version of Chrome browser in the following steps.

1) Click the vertical three dots located on the top-right.

2) Click the ‘Settings’ option

3) Scroll down to the bottom

4) Click the ‘Advanced’ option

5) In the ‘Advanced’ settings, locate the ‘Accessibility’ section

6) You’ll find the ‘Live Caption’ option with the following explanation: “Automatically creates captions for English audio and video. Audio and captions never leave your device”.

7) Turn the ‘Live Caption’ on.

How can you enable Live Captions?
How can you enable Live Captions?

As soon as you toggle the option on, Chrome will automatically download speech recognition files. Now when your browser plays audio, the captions will appear.

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