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How to keep your smartphone cool while gaming

Everyone loves gaming, but is your smartphone heating a lot? Here is what you can do to keep it cool.

Mobile gaming has been booming since the release of PUBG mobile. After that, games like Fortnite and Call of Duty Mobile have also come into the fray. With mobile gamers increasing day by day and using their respective smartphone for longer, it’s essential to keep your device cool. We got you covered with tips and tricks for keeping your beloved mobile phone safe from getting damaged due to excessive heat, this will take care of your smartphone heating issues.

Lower screen brightness

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Using your device with high brightness settings can cause your device to heat a lot. The more light the display panel generates the more heat it produces. The best way to overcome this problem is to use your phones or tabs with minimum brightness indoors. Sitting outside, avoid your device coming directly in contact with sunlight while playing. It can cause serious damage and may also toast your display. Also, turn off auto-brightness from the setting. This will shut down the proximity sensor making the processor use less processing power, hence less heat. 

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Turn off sensors

Make sure the other sensors, which are not in use, are turned off. Usually, these sensors run in the background and drain your battery fast making your device generate more heat. When you launch a game, it requires only Wi-Fi. You can turn off sensors like Mobile data, GPS location and Bluetooth. These will not only save you some extra battery juice but will also lower your device’s temperature. With more sensors running in the background, the processor needs to stress more and will heat up your device more frequently. This will also help to keep your smartphone cool.

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Clear the clutter

Another way to keep your smartphone cool is by removing clutter. Many companies nowadays add a lot of bloatware or unwanted applications in the OS (operating system). These apps notoriously eat up your device resources in the background. This will generate serious smartphone heating issues in your Mobile or tablet. Uninstalling unwanted applications will eliminate this problem at once. Also, there are applications claiming to cool or enhance your device. Do not install any such kind of cleaning or boosting applications. They do nothing more than creating an illusion so users feel their device is running fast. If there is any such application installed on your device, uninstall it instantly. Make sure there is no application open in the background before you start gaming.

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Remove Casing to keep your smartphone cool

There might be some smartphone heating issues due to cases. There are lots of protective and fancy cases available on the market. These cases provide protection and also make your devices look pretty. But imagine someone asks you to run a marathon wearing your winter clothes. Your phone feels exactly the same. Cases on devices trap heat and block ventilation. Without proper ventilation, your Phone or tab will start to get hot. Some thicker cases might provide protection but they also block the antenna of your phone. This will make your device struggle for the network, which is again both bad for your device and your gaming experience.

These tips will surely give you good results while gaming. We also recommend sitting in a cooler environment and taking breaks after each session. Other than this, there are few external fans available in the market which attach to the back of the smartphone, those also help in cooling down your device. You can pick up one of those, too. 

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