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Top must-have gadgets and tech for vlogging

Do you want to start vlogging? Check out the must-have list to shoot awesome vlogs.

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Vlogging is quite a difficult task than it appears. Shooting the videos is only one part of vlogging. However, preparation and editing require knowledge, experience, and awareness. If you have to start a vlog channel, the following gadgets are essential for you to have the best quality results for your vlogs. 

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Vlogging requires shooting videos at different times of the day. Your camera should be able to shoot high-quality videos even at night time. Also, your camera should perfectly capture the night sky, steel wool photography, waterfalls, landscapes, and all that you can shoot for your vlogs. Nikon D3400 is an affordable camera that comes with Bluetooth connectivity so that you can download the images right away on your phone through an application. Moreover, it has got a 300mm zoom lens that perfectly captures distant subjects like mountains and birds. You can shoot slow-motion videos as well owing to its 60FPS lens that brings life to your videos. In smartphones, the Samsung Note 20 Ultra is also a very good option, if you do not want to carry bulky DSLRs. 

Vlog Camera

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You can choose a camera from the following list:

  • Sony A6400: It’s a brilliant camera for vloggers that is capable of capturing 4K videos. It also comes with a front-facing screen. Price: ₹ 74,900.00. Buy at Amazon
  • Nikon D 3400: It comes with an APS-C CMOS Sensor and 24.2 MP with ISO: 100-25600 sensitivity range (critical for obtaining grain-free pictures, especially in low light). Price: ₹ 45,990. Buy at Amazon


A good microphone is something that you can’t miss out on when shooting your vlogs. Your vlogs will have maximum impact on your viewers only when they can listen clearly to what you want to express. The characteristic of a microphone needed for vlogging is that it cancels the noise coming from the surrounding. USB microphones are affordable and provide you with a good quality sound recording. They also suppress external sounds effectively. A shotgun microphone connects well with your DSLR or your smartphone camera. Another great option is a lapel mic, which many newcomers start with.

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You can choose from the following list:

  • Boya BY-M1: It is a wired lavalier mic with a switchable power source. It runs on an LR44 button cell, and needs to be switched on if using a ‘passive’ source, or off if recording via a device with plug-in power. Price: ₹ 999.00 Buy at Amazon
  • Rode Wireless GO: Although it’s designed to pair with the Rode Wireless GO wireless microphone, the RØDE Lavalier GO is actually compatible with most cameras and recording devices, with a 3.5mm TRS mic input. Price: ₹ 5,999.00 Buy at Amazon

A tripod or selfie stick

Your videos won’t be recorded well if your camera keeps shaking. You need a tripod or a selfie stick to hold your camera firmly in your fist. The camera sticks also come with a rotating mechanism to move the camera towards the direction you want. It also works well if you want to capture pictures in your vlog. Nowadays, camera stands come with a handy design to enable you to capture yourself as well as the surroundings.


You can choose from the following:

  • Accmor AC-13TR Self-Portrait Monopod: Manufactured by Accmor, it is made of lightweight aluminum with a buckle to lock the rods, making it easy to carry. It has a soft foam handle with a good grip to prevent slipping. Price: ₹1,319 Buy at Flipkart
  • XCSOURCE DC494 Monopod Bundle:  Manufactured by XCSOURCE, it is lightweight, adjustable, and easy to mount. Buy at Amazon


Lighting is as essential a part of your vlog production as any other gear. Your camera will shoot perfectly if you are shooting videos in the sunlight. However, for recording videos in a room, you need to have sufficient lighting in your room. Poorly lit rooms cause the camera to capture a lot of noise thereby reducing the quality of the output video.


Video Editing Software

This is the last step to your vlogging process until you upload your video. After you’ve recorded the video and audio, you have to edit the video, mix the sounds and effects. Nowadays, there are several free video editing software available on the internet like Shortcut, and Hitfilm Express. If you want to perform advanced editing, then you can go for paid software like Adobe Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve.

Video Edit

Vlogging is fun and that is why it’s getting popular among youngsters as a secondary profession. If you just keep in mind the above tips and have good equipment, you can create wonderful vlogs.

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