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15 advance keyboard shortcuts every Microsoft PowerPoint user should know

Use MS PowerPoint a lot? Here are some keyboard shortcuts which will come in handy.

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MS PowerPoint is a program that is included in the Microsoft Office suite. It is used to make presentations for personal and professional purposes. Gradually, with each version, the program is becoming more creative and interactive. Various other features are added by Microsoft in PowerPoint which massively increased the requirement and use of this MS Office program. Here are some of the Best shortcuts to use while making a presentation on Powerpoint.

During the presentation, if one feels like having a black screen or blank screen, it is easy to do it in MS PowerPoint. One can press W for a white screen or B for a blank or black screen.

  • Laser Pointer

During a presentation, a user can change the pointer into a visual laser pointer by pressing Ctrl + L.

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  • Draw on presentation

It’s easy to draw on your presentation directly without using any external device. The user can use the shortcut Ctrl + P to change the pointer into the pen and conveniently draw over the presentation.

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  • Inserting a Hyperlink

Select text or object in a slide and then press Ctrl + K to open the Insert Hyperlink in the dialogue box to turn it into a link. One can also press Ctrl + K without selecting anything first, then specify where to add a hyperlink later.

  • Change the order of a slide

By Pressing Ctrl + Up Arrow to move the selected slide one position up in the presentation and the reverse can be done by pressing Ctrl + Down Arrow to move it one later in the presentation.

  • Change Font 

Users can press Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow to increase the size of the selected text a little at a time. To make the font smaller: Press Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow to decrease the size of the selected text.

  • Alignment

Press Ctrl + E to centre the selected paragraph. For Left alignment of text: Press Ctrl + L to the selected paragraph. To right align select the paragraph and press Ctrl + R.

  • Justify text

If the user feels that the text is going out of their page margin or is not aligned properly one can use Justify. Press Ctrl + J to justify the selected paragraph. This causes the text to auto-fit to the left and right margins of the slide.

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  • Subscript and superscript

For superscripting, a user can press Ctrl and the Plus sign to turn the selected text into superscript. Subscribing is easy as well Press Ctrl + = to turn the selected text into a subscript.

  • Check spelling

Many consumers make a lot of mistakes while making a presentation and finding a mistake one by one seems very hectic. Microsoft thought about it and made a shortcut for it. By pressing F7 users can run a built-in spell-check.

  • Search within a presentation

Want to search for a specific text on your presentation? Get it done by pressing Ctrl+F. This will open a dialogue box where you can search the desired word. One can also replace the word with some other with the same dialogue box.

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  • Help 

Microsoft has its own help support built in the software which can be activated by pressing F1.

  • Redo and Undo

Did a mistake and want to reverse the action? By pressing Ctrl+Z one can Undo the action. To do vice versa Redo option is used and can be activated by pressing Ctrl+Y. There are few actions that cannot be undone or redone in such a case nothing will happen even if you press the shortcut.

  • Cancel

Esc shortcut is used to abort any task you don’t want to complete. It can also be used to exit the presentation.

  • Cut, Copy and Paste

Press Ctrl + C to copy text to the clipboard, press Ctrl + X to cut, and Press Ctrl + V to paste the content of the clipboard at the cursor location.

These shortcuts are very easy to use and will come in handy in making a good presentation. These shortcuts will not only save a ton of time but also increase your productivity.

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