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Best ways to upload videos and images without losing their quality and without compression

Sharing of media has become really important and trendy. Here is how you can send images or videos without losing quality.

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Sharing photos has become an integral part of taking photos. But sending or uploading your pretty photos online makes it look frizzy. This is because while uploading a picture on any socials the application uses a compression algorithm to save its server space and traffic. Compression of photos and videos results in decreasing quality for both aspects. But worry not, we have some simple ways to upload videos and images without losing their quality or without compression so you can share your experience with your loved ones.

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Google Photos

Probably the easiest and underrated feature of Google Photos. Own a Google account? Just open Google photos and upload your photos on it. Before that just make sure that the upload setting is set to lossless quality. Just press the share option after that and select the recipient and you are good to go. The best part about Google photos is it also backs up and syncs your photos and videos. You can access your photos and videos easily from anywhere, all you need is a device with an internet connection. Remember, there is a limit of 15GB for free storage in Google Photos.

Cloud Sharing

Cloud sharing is one of the best ways to share photos, videos or even files with others without any compromise. Why this method is so successful is because there are tons of options to choose from. Some of the best ones are Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and iCloud. All you need is to upload the photo or video into the cloud service of your choice and then head to the share options. There is no worry about your data getting leaked as there are tons of options available for sharing your file. The sharing link will only open the desired file you send. Also, there are customisation options like setting the file as viewable or downloadable accordingly. It is advised to get to know the service you want to use properly before starting. All the applications are available on both PC and smartphones.

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Lossless image and video

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WiFi Direct

WiFi direct is like sending your files over Bluetooth just with increased speed and lesser range. WiFi direct simply connects two devices via WiFi with each other, and can be on a phone or laptop’s inbuilt hotspot. One of the devices acts as an access point and another device connects directly to it. The best part of WiFi direct is that multiple devices can connect through one access point. There are many third-party apps as well to make this process hassle-free. Apps like Send anywhere, Nearby share or AirDrop(in apple specific) allows you to just select the file you want to share and follow the steps and guides in the application itself. Your file will be sent to the receiver in no time.


We often forget emails can now carry multimedia as well, although there is a limit on the file size you can share. Unlike other social media applications, it does not compress your photo. Sending photos through email, in the good old way, is very easy. All you have to do is know the recipient’s email address. After entering the details just head to the attachment and attach the images and videos you want to share. After attaching just click send and your files are sent directly to the person you want to share the multimedia file with.

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These are the ways through which you can send video and photos without losing the quality of the file. Although there is another old fashioned way of sending your file is through Bluetooth, but it is a slow process. The sharing gets limited to one person as well as the range is limited to 10 metres. Comparatively the above ways are much faster and advanced and will come in handy.

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